3 Factors that determine how long you will live.

According to the World Health Organization, the healthiest nation on earth and the longest living people on the planet are the Japanese. No country in Africa is among the 50 longest-living nations in the world. Algerians are the longest living people in Africa and they hold the 53rd position in the world. Tunisia is theContinue reading “3 Factors that determine how long you will live.”

Don’t chase these 5 things in life

Popular opinion holds that you must chase you dreams at all costs. However, there’s a plethora of misguided things that people choose to chase in life.   When we make the wrong choices regarding the important things to chase, the failure we experience will cause discontent and regret in life.  When it comes down toContinue reading “Don’t chase these 5 things in life”

You will learn these 4 lessons about life as you grow older.

Learning is a continuous process, and we all keep learning until the day we leave this world. There are certain things you might do while you are young without giving them much thought, but eventually as you get older, you might start paying these things more attention as you realize their importance. Picture Credit: Google.Continue reading “You will learn these 4 lessons about life as you grow older.”

Want a desirable life? See these 7 keys

There are many situations that happens to us in life that we should have treated with understanding. When not treated well, it might lead to conflicts and regrets at last. Life is defined by principles we are to follow to make it to the top. If these principles are ignored, then we might later haveContinue reading “Want a desirable life? See these 7 keys”