Some crypto currencies that will give you profit

first of all lets look at the story of bitcoin, 2009 some group of people or an individual, the mystery of the real creators of bitcoin still remains hidden, but judging from what we know, a man called satoshi nakomoto, invented the idea of a world of decentralised system of finance, and that concept, andContinue reading “Some crypto currencies that will give you profit”

The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain

As crypto currencies and blockchain technologies are becoming very popular these days, most youths and teenagers are queuing into it. Some of them have a glimpse of what the Crypto market hold’s for the future While some of them don’t… In this article you’re going you’re going to find out what Crypto currency and BlockchainContinue reading “The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain”

Invest in crypto currency because of these reasons

The world is experiencing changes away from the traditional medium of exchange, investment, and financial transaction to digital and contemporary means. These changes are often aided by advancements in the use of computers and technology. One of such changes is the digital alternative to traditional means (either card or cash), called “cryptocurrency”. Examples of cryptocurrencyContinue reading “Invest in crypto currency because of these reasons”