5 Problems you might encounter when you abstain from sex for a long period of time

Most people eventually have a dry period in their intimate lives where they forgo intimacy for a considerable amount of time. You might be curious about how abstinence can effect your health if you find yourself in a period of it. With that in mind, read on to learn five possible effects of not havingContinue reading “5 Problems you might encounter when you abstain from sex for a long period of time”

Beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits for plus size ladies to rock at any event

Some ladies are worried about what to wear in other to become a good fashion inspiration to others. Some plus-size ladies have been distancing themselves from some fashionable and beautiful trending outfits because of their size. Every lady irrespective of her body shape and size, height, and tribe can never go wrong in fashion whenContinue reading “Beautiful and decent jumpsuit outfits for plus size ladies to rock at any event”

See 10 things about the penis that men and women need to know

Knowing the male genitalia and its particularities – not only in terms of its size – can help men and women to have a more satisfactory intimate life. Below, according to Men’s Health, experts talk about ten curiosities about the organ. 1 – Does size matter? The item is the first on the list because many menContinue reading “See 10 things about the penis that men and women need to know”

5 Things a cultist will never tell you – Pastor Shina Ayomi

Pastor Oluwasegunfunmi Oluwasinaayomi, a pastor at the Christ Apostolic Church in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about “Shun Secret Cult.” And as a former cult member, he explained 5 things a Cultist will never tell you and they are: (1) They Stand A Chance Of Being An Abuser Of Drugs: HeContinue reading “5 Things a cultist will never tell you – Pastor Shina Ayomi”

See Owambe Styles to help you nail your next wedding guest look

Going to weddings as a guest becomes more exciting when you have the perfect outfit. What do you think would need to nail the perfect Owambe look? What are the criteria needed to be the most admired at that event? Now is the time to check out some cool styles that would help you nailContinue reading “See Owambe Styles to help you nail your next wedding guest look”

Do these 7 things before 7:30 a.m to be successful

Successful people come from all walks of life, yet they all have one thing in common: where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome. Their confidence in the face of hardship is driven by their ability to let go of the negativity that holds so many otherwise sensible peopleContinue reading “Do these 7 things before 7:30 a.m to be successful”

These are the 9 things that women see as being romantic

1. Holding her hand in public. It’s a sweet way to show that you don’t care who knows you’re both together. Holding hands is also an intimate gesture; just the touch of someone’s hand can make a woman feel cared for. 2. Remembering her friend’s birthdays. And anything else that is important to her butContinue reading “These are the 9 things that women see as being romantic”

Avoid eating these 7 foods for breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the truth is that if you start by choosing poorly what you eat as soon as you wake up, the tendency is that the rest of the day will continue with not so healthy habits. By opting for a healthy breakfast, youContinue reading “Avoid eating these 7 foods for breakfast”

See 5 Most Dangerous Cities on Earth

The world as beautiful as it is can also be a very scary place. Some cities are just inhabitable due to the lack of laws that govern while others are forbidden for entry because of the sacred dangerous tribes that run which is why today we’re going to look at five of the most dangerousContinue reading “See 5 Most Dangerous Cities on Earth”

See 7 people you don’t know the exist

7 People you Don’t Know They Actually Exist Today we’re going to show you the 8 most unusual people with the most amazing stories.  1. Jessica Cox There’s no cooler pilot than Han Solo? Well, Jessica Cox begs to differ because she is the world’s first armless pilot. This woman controls her aircraft using onlyContinue reading “See 7 people you don’t know the exist”

You can know a poor man from the interaction with a woman

Popular Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka well known as Blessing CEO.has recently revealed how to know a broke man from his interaction with a woman. Speaking in a recent post shared on Instagram, Blessing CEO said that a man who feels upset when a woman talks about money is a poor man. She added thatContinue reading “You can know a poor man from the interaction with a woman”

See 5 Dangerous Guinness World records

They are millions of Guinness world records being set and broken daily, however in this article, I’ll be highlighting some of the most dangerous records, they are considered dangerous because of their life-threatening nature and how they defile safety regulations 5. Chayne Hultgren – Most Motorcycles Driven Over the Body While Lying on a BedContinue reading “See 5 Dangerous Guinness World records”

The use of female condom has the following benefits when having sex.

According to “web MD” Contraception comes in different forms. A female condom is one type of barrier tool that prevents pregnancy and can keep you safe from séxually transmitted diseases. Also known as the “Internal condom” a female condom is a thin tube made of rubber or human-made latex that you put into your femaleContinue reading “The use of female condom has the following benefits when having sex.”

5 Most expensive cars

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some incredible vehicles that have carried equally impressive price tags, the list includes creations for a wide range of automakers, including Ferarri, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Pagani, and many others. Scroll down below to see them yourself Rolls Royce boat tail: $28million The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is regarded as theContinue reading “5 Most expensive cars”

5 Ways to flush out odour from vagina

5 Natural ways to flush out odour from your vagina Most women get disturbed when they start perceiving certain odors from their private parts. Although the vagina has its natural odor many reasons can cause a bad smell in the vagina, such as infection or not cleaning the sensitive area well, and the smell ofContinue reading “5 Ways to flush out odour from vagina”

10 Apps that can earn cash

We live in an age where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. There are now more ways than ever to make money, and one of the most popular methods is through apps. There are a wide variety of money-making apps available to suit all kinds of interests and skill sets. Whether you’re looking to earnContinue reading “10 Apps that can earn cash”

Starlink and it’s operational advantages for businesses in Nigeria

Starlink will be a constellation of thousands of satellites designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity on Earth. It’s an ambitious project, and it has the potential to bring about great change in our world. What is Starlink Starlink is a constellation of satellites in space that allows you to connect your devices anywhere on Earth.Continue reading “Starlink and it’s operational advantages for businesses in Nigeria”

Learn these 5 lucrative skills to earn income as a student.

If you have ever tried to contemplate on the reason why many students go broke, find school more stressful than others and then always rejoice on any chance of going back home for some period, it’s time to figure out. Students of the above mentioned group find school boring and that maybe due to manyContinue reading “Learn these 5 lucrative skills to earn income as a student.”

5 Ways Ladies can make their breasts appear bigger with bras

Bras are useful tools that ladies can use to make their boobs appear larger. There are different ways ladies can use bras to create the illusion of a larger bustline, they can either wear padded bras, push-up bras or practice some of the techniques listed below. 1. Twist the middle region of your bra. wikiHowContinue reading “5 Ways Ladies can make their breasts appear bigger with bras”

Classic senators outfits

The weekend is known for special occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, outings, social gatherings, Sunday services and so many occasions we normally attend. I know that you would like to be one of the best-dressed fashionistas on any occasion. What effort are you making to be the best-dressed fashionista? With the help of ourContinue reading “Classic senators outfits”

Home  Herbal  Remedy For Staphylococus

This staphylococus is stubborn but this may help you drag it out and still clean your system. INGREDIENTS: – Guava leaves – Moringa leaves – Moringer seed – Turmeric – Garlic – Ginger – Papaya leave – Aloe vera. PROCEDURE: Wash and cut them to small sizes then boil them for 35 mins together. DOSAGE:Continue reading “Home  Herbal  Remedy For Staphylococus”

See beautiful outfits to attract lovers’ attention at occasions.

I’m going to tell you about Ankara styles! Only Ankara styles may give you a distinct look, which is the best way to stand out at any formal event. You must have Ankara clothing in your closet, regardless of your profession. The majority of Nigerian women and men now wear Ankara attire, which is fashionableContinue reading “See beautiful outfits to attract lovers’ attention at occasions.”

8 Anti-Aging foods you can be eating at your 40s and above

According to Healthline, the different foods and fruits we eat daily, have different roles they play in our body. However, if you want to keep glowing, then try consuming the below foods more often because they are the best anti-aging foods that can keep your body nourished, and keep your skin glowing. 1. One ofContinue reading “8 Anti-Aging foods you can be eating at your 40s and above”

4 Principles to apply if you want to succeed

– Advertisment – Here are some things that you must do if you want to have a successful business. At this point, anyone can go on a popular search site and find that there are thousands of books that have been written by various authors on how to become successful in business. With all theContinue reading “4 Principles to apply if you want to succeed”

6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent

Cocoyam, commonly known as taro root, is a tropical perennial crop that thrives in warm weather. Its botanical name is Colocasia esculenta. It’s a tuber crop that’s high in starch. Cocoyam consists of three main components: Leaves from corn stems It is planted for food or as a decorative plant. Cocoyam has a number ofContinue reading “6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent”

See 5 things that attract men in women

Things In Women that appeal to Men Like A Magnet Love contains an extensive variety of effective and high-quality emotional and intellectual states, starting from the maximum elegant virtues or exact conduct to the innermost interpersonal affection and the maximum easy pleasure. Source: Twitter The female look seems to be tremendously subjective. Different guys haveContinue reading “See 5 things that attract men in women”

3 Factors that determine how long you will live.

According to the World Health Organization, the healthiest nation on earth and the longest living people on the planet are the Japanese. No country in Africa is among the 50 longest-living nations in the world. Algerians are the longest living people in Africa and they hold the 53rd position in the world. Tunisia is theContinue reading “3 Factors that determine how long you will live.”

Foods you need to eat to improve on your sperm count

According to Healthline. If you and your partner are undergoing fertility problems, know that you’re not alone. Infertility is more popular than you might think. It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility difficulties in the male partner alone  1. Eat macaContinue reading “Foods you need to eat to improve on your sperm count”

7 Challenges newly Weds usually face

If you’re a newlywed, you probably know that people expect you to be blissful and happy. Of course, this can definitely be true! However, it’s also very common for marriages to hit some rough spots early on. Here are some of them. Image Credit – Huff post 1. Debt and money This is one ofContinue reading “7 Challenges newly Weds usually face”

I’m Okay With Going To Hell – World’s Richest Man, Elon Musk Says As He Tweets About Death.

The richest man in the world who goes by the name of Elon Musk, has recently Tweeted about his death, as he revealed that he could die a mysterious death. Elon Musk who recently bought Twitter also said that he dosen’t mind going to hell after his death, since the majority of people who wereContinue reading “I’m Okay With Going To Hell – World’s Richest Man, Elon Musk Says As He Tweets About Death.”

See the most fertile years of a man and woman

Have you ever wondered or asked what ages are the most fertile in male and female? This is one topic that cannot be overemphasized, reason being that fertility has to do with procreation and giving rise to younger people and since every man and woman would want to have kids, there is every reason forContinue reading “See the most fertile years of a man and woman”

Beware of the dog which bites the owner

Beware of the dog which bites the owner Reinhard Bonnkke and Richard Ngidi!LESSONS OF LIFE There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnkke, his name is Richard Ngidi. This man was GIFTED in miracles, signs and wonders. During those days, Bonnke would PREACH and step down the platform for, NGIDI toContinue reading “Beware of the dog which bites the owner”

5 Reasons some women are single and are avoided by men.

Have you ever wondered why most ladies who are of marriageable age are single despite being attractive and elegant? The reason for this phenomenon can sometimes be traced to lifestyles or attitudes they exhibit that scare guys away. I am not saying every case of singlehood in women can be attributed to this factor, however;Continue reading “5 Reasons some women are single and are avoided by men.”

6 Signs that show one is an ungrateful person.

We all have moments of ungratefulness. It’s just human nature. We can get so caught up in our own bubbles and concerned with our own problems, that we forget to think about and appreciate the things that our fellow human beings do for us. On the other hand, there are people out there who areContinue reading “6 Signs that show one is an ungrateful person.”

7 Signs you will be successful in life

What are the chances of you making it? How likely are you going to be successful? I ask myself the question what is it that makes them successful, successful? I’ve always been fascinated by the mindset of the super successful, their discipline, their focus, and their determination in the face of difficulties. What makes themContinue reading “7 Signs you will be successful in life”

7 Foods that increase male sexual libido

You already know that a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep not only your health up to date, but a good sexual health as well. There are foods that can help improve your s3xual performance, like chocolate, pepper and cinnamon. These foods have nutrients with stimulating properties. Therefore, they increase the productionContinue reading “7 Foods that increase male sexual libido”

5 Things that cause downfall in businesses

Running a business is not for the faint of heart; entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Successful business owners must possess the ability to mitigate company-specific risks while simultaneously bringing a product or service to market at a price point that meets consumer demand levels. Failure happens, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but as anContinue reading “5 Things that cause downfall in businesses”

Use these 20 words to describe a woman beyond “beautiful”

There are many ways to qualify a woman beyond simply the way she looks. In fact, women are gradually getting bored of the compliment “beautiful”. They may not say it, but they want to hear more about themselves beyond their beauty and looks. So whether you are describing a woman in politics, the woman ofContinue reading “Use these 20 words to describe a woman beyond “beautiful””

5 Reasons to know why travelling abroad is not always the best option

The most obvious reason moving abroad isn’t for everyone is the distance it puts between you and your loved ones. Here are five reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it; 1. Lack of support The initial thrill of moving to a new country might be quickly replaced by homesickness. This is the feelingContinue reading “5 Reasons to know why travelling abroad is not always the best option”

Some 5 ways internet fraudster use in scamming people

One of the social menaces that are currently on the increase in our society today is internet theft or fraud. So many youngsters from the different parts of the world, especially in Africa have taken to this unhealthy practice of swindling people of their hard-earned money all in the bid to live a flamboyant lifestyle.Continue reading “Some 5 ways internet fraudster use in scamming people”

These are 6 attitudes that can prevent one from progressing in life

Have you ever wondered why most people find it difficult to make progress in the things they do? The reasons are mostly caused by inner factors, as most individuals have a wrong attitude and philosophy about life. Our behaviours and attitudes to situations can be a huge hindrance to our progress in life most especiallyContinue reading “These are 6 attitudes that can prevent one from progressing in life”