Can sperm be removed from a female body?

There are many women who in one way or another want to remove sperm from their female organs immediately after intercourse. So, most of them have been looking for a proper explanation for this question.

In this case, what most ladies practice is douching, which involves pouring a jet of water into their private organs with a shower douche or bottle. However, experts do not recommend douching under any circumstances. In this piece in line with a publication on “Medical News Today”, we are going to have some looks at what scientists said about the above question.  

The fact about the male reproductive cell is that it is a combination of fluids that contains vitamins, minerals, and sperm. However, when this compound touches the female reproductive eggs pregnancy is likely to occur. According to a study, the male reproductive cells enter the uterus within minutes of discharge. Thus, it can live inside the female organ for up to 7 days. However, once sperm enters the uterus, there is no scientifically proven way of removing it.

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