What to do when your partner is sex manaic

It is possible for people to develop an unpleasant dynamic in their relationships if they do not confront the fact that they have conflicting intimate needs. Those with low drive may experience remorse, exhaustion, and stress, while those with high drive who are continually rejected may develop low self-esteem and animosity toward their relationships.

Sexual cravings could cause major changes in the couple’s life. Sometimes this causes one partner to want to have more sex than the other. Women’s Health Magazine suggests the following solutions for couples with conflicting sexual desires:

The first step is to talk to each other.

Despite the fact that it might be difficult, especially when there is a mismatch, it is crucial to have conversations regarding intimacy. Having a courteous conversation about feelings, insecurities, desires, and the cause of the low desire could help both parties better grasp the situation.

Secondly, try to have compassion.

Couples can better negotiate the mismatch if they demonstrate empathy by affirming, listening, and refraining from passing judgement, even if one spouse does not fully comprehend the other’s perspective or position.

Rekindling the fire requires creating an inviting space where partners may discuss their differences without fear of criticism or defensiveness.

Put it on the calendar.

There won’t be any other commitments to interfere with a couple’s quality time together if they plan it in advance. Partners can coordinate their activities and time commitments.

Planning can help you and your partner choose the perfect time to have sex. It can also help get both people excited and prepared.

Do #4: Establish the mood.

Making preparations is essential even if making love only lasts for a few minutes. Making happiness and joy a regular part of life can help people get their bodies ready for sex.

Couples can add romance to their lives by doing things like taking turns driving to and from work, cooking for one another, engaging in deep discussion, and praising one another.

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