Things you should not do with a lady that is not your wife

When you’re in a relationship, there are some things that you need to keep private between you and your partner for the well-being of your relationship. Your relationship may undergo some issues if you share personal information about your wife with other women. Here are some things that you should try to avoid doing with ladies who are not your wives.

1. Don’t complain about your partner to another woman.

This is because you’re dishonoring your wife by doing this, and she didn’t tell you to do it. If you want your wife to appreciate you, you should respect and uphold her dignity. Avoid criticizing your wife in front of another lady so that she feels horrible about your wife. Don’t let another woman dishonor her husband by complaining to you, as well.

2. Refrain from discussing personal struggles, secrets, and intimacy.

This issue doesn’t concern her, and talking about these private topics with another lady brings your marriage into disrepute. Be careful not to betray your wife’s confidence or the intimacy you have.

3. Steer clear of private discussions with women.

Keep it out in the open so that people can see you. Keep your meetings in the open; temptation flourishes in secrecy. Things you don’t plan can happen between you and the woman.Remember the following two things:

1. Always give your wife praise and compliments.

This will ensure that your wife receives the respect she deserves and is treated with respect by others. People will treat your wife the way you speak about her.

2. If at all possible, bring up your wife in the conversation.

Particularly if the woman you’re talking to is in trouble. Find out whether the woman would like to speak with your partner instead of you. Always think of your wife as an additional source of support, even though it might not always be possible.

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