Social parties and merry-making for money rituals.

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Social parties and merry-making for money-rituals?
*Too Incredible to believe but too scary to ignore!! Olasunkanmi Dada: A must read please:
*There’s No Yahoo Anymore, People are now being used For Money Rituals.*
I was at a bar discussing with the owner. The guy recently got back from Ghana and he suddenly became broke, his wife doesn’t want to understand.
So he was telling me that he may go back to one juju man (Charms maker) like that. He said the juju man did something similar for his friend and it worked, that the juju would be bringing 17million naira every month.

My ears became pointed… So I asked him how the juju works. He said, the juju man told him to get ram, kill it and organize a party for friends and family to attend in other for people to come and eat….

Then every month, one person from amongst those that ate from the meat will die and the person’s spirit will bring the 17 million naira. Even if 100 people ate from the meat, every month, one person must die or become wretched for life.

Then, I asked him how he planned to get the people that will eat the meat. He said he’ll invite some friends and family members that are not dear to him, go to a club and pick like 20 girls and tell them that he has a party somewhere, that he’ll pay them 10k each. I felt goose pimples erection immediately and I just dey look…

We discussed at length about some similar things that happened some times ago but I didn’t want to talk about it until I saw a picture of a girl used for rituals today, We should all be very careful not to eat, drink or taste anything when we are invited for parties that just suddenly erupted from the air space…. either by friends, families or relatives that we are not too sure of the source of their wealth.

I don’t have any doubt that your story is 100% correct. I had a similar experience recently at a friends family Christmas party some where in Ikoyi Lagos. I got there and was offered various type of expensive drink right from the gate even before i saw my friend. But i insisted on sitting down first and at least see my host before eating anything and besides i don’t take alcohol, so i sat down for like 8 minutes or more, then comes my very correct Pal from secondary school days & his first sentence was “Haaaa Dee, I have been looking for you since i saw your car parked outside, he asked me if i had eaten anything and he was very happy after i answered NO to his question. Then he pulled me to one side and said to me, please ooo this is not just a party that you can eat from oooo. You are too dear to me, he said not even my father can eat from the food cooked here, if you see him eat be assured its another food. I was shocked and calm that i couldn’t say a word. We both drove around to go and look for eatery to eat. I came back sat for few minutes and left in shock.
You needed to see all the assorted food cooked on that day. Surprisingly, they even grilled a whole ram. God help us all

Sharing this is my contribution to life even if you don’t believe, please be extra careful,
Because life has no duplicate.

Please, share with your contacts and people you love.

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