Barriers to intimacy with your spouse may increase as you get older.

According to WebMD, barriers to intimacy with your spouse may increase as you get older, because the various cells, tissues, and organs in the body grows weak as the ageing process activates, and the capacity to engage in intimacy reduces as a result of old age. However, the best chance of having a good intercourse is to follow these healthy guidelines or tips for better intimacy after the age of 50 as reported by WebMD.

Take It Easy After Treatment 

You should give your body some time to heal before reconnecting with your spouse. After receiving the all-clear instructions from your physician or doctor, take things easy, carefully, and slowly at first.

Feel free to express your true emotions and physical states to your companion.

Make Yourself at Home

Find techniques or ways to alleviate your discomfort if joint pain and some other health related issues are making intimacy unpleasant or difficult. Consider switching to a less taxing position, or prop yourself up with pillows.

Time your intercourse for when you’re feeling most energized. You can get yourself prepared by having a regular warm bath or, if needed, by ingesting pain relieving medication.

Engage in frequent physical activity.

Although it may not seem like it, $exual activity is actually quite a workout. Given below are some of the ways in which working out might make better or improve your attractive skills:

It’s great for building muscle mass. A backache or muscular pull can quickly deflate one’s spirits. Do some sort of strength training.

Improves one’s disposition. Chemicals in the brain are released during exercise, and this might make you feel happier and more relaxed.

It enhances your overall appearance. Keeping your body in shape through consistent exercise can boost your self-esteem and improve your romantic relationship as well as intimacy.

Regular exercise could help women feel more better.

By strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor, like with Kegel exercises, pelvic pain in women can be reduced.

Men who work out regularly are less prone to have problems with the development of their male organ. If you like to ride your bike for long distances, it’s important to have a comfortable seat and a bike that suits you properly. Possible male organ issue can be avoided in this way.

Make an appointment with your physician before beginning any new workout routine.

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