8 Ways to know a Nigerian woman loves you

This is how you know you’ve got a Nigerian woman’s heart.

This is how you know a Nigerian woman loves you [istockphoto]
This is how you know a Nigerian woman loves you [istockphoto]

Nigerian women are a special breed, and the way they display love and affection is unique.

If you are in a relationship with a Nigerian woman or you are considering one, and you are wondering if she loves you, then I have some clear signs and signals that she is in fact in love with you.

If a Nigerian woman loves you, then she doesn’t want anyone else to be with you. Instead of coming out to state that she wants exclusivity, she beats around the bush by accusing you of being with other women.

One thing men don’t know is that Nigerian women only ask for money from men they care about deeply. Argue with us at your discretion, we said what we said.

Nigerian women are not stingy – especially when they have the money. So, be sure to get a lot of gifts and freebies if a Nigerian woman is in love with you. Cake on your birthday is a sure thing.

Forget about what you read online, if a Nigerian woman loves you, she cares about your stomach infrastructure, period.

Be very afraid if you are eating and she doesn’t want a bite or taste – that’s how they express love.

One thing about Nigerian women is they love to gist, if you meet a woman willing to give you unlimited gist, it’s because she is in love with you.

A proper Nigerian woman is allergic to poverty, she would like to know what’s going on in your finances and help you plan it.

Hoodies, jackets, boxers, slides and even shirts, it’s not greed but love.

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