See 6 animals that can defeat a lion

Lions are called the “king of the jungle” because they are the most powerful predators. Did you know, though, that lions can be killed by other animals?

This list shows you what other animals are strong enough to kill a lion.

1. Gorilla

The gorilla is another animal that is strong and hardy. No matter how big or small a gorilla is, it will use its big, long claws to hurt the lion. It is strong enough to fight both male and female lions. The huge teeth of a gorilla make it easy for it to fight a lion.

2. Porcupine

Lion males and females can both be killed by porcupines. The porcupine’s spines are so sharp that if it attacks, the lion will be seriously hurt. If it can’t hunt anymore, it might die or get hurt very badly. If the lion sees this dangerous animal, it might run away out of fear.

3. Rhinoceros.

It’s not a surprise that rhinos are very big animals. In a one-on-one fight, an adult black rhino is hard for a lion to beat. A lion can be pushed off his spot by a charging Rhino. Because of this, the rhino will win in the end. The huge horns of the Rhino probably knocked the lion out cold. The horns of a lion are sharp and can cut through skin and kill the animal.

4. Hippopotamus

Hippos are scary animals because of how big they are. Because its jaws are so big, it can bite and shake a lion. Huge teeth can even kill a whole lion with just one bite. When they attack a lion, hippos are very strong and move quickly. They can kill a lion by biting it and hurting its skin. Because a lion on its own is doomed to die, they hunt hippos in groups. A lone lion will never come close to a hippo.

5. Crocodile

The crocodile is too big and strong for the lion to handle. It can pull it under water and kill it by sneaking up on it. A crocodile can bite with 3,700 pounds per square inch, while a lion can only bite with 650 pounds per square inch. Crocodiles can’t be beat in the water. It has teeth that could split a lion in half.

6. Elephant

A male elephant can get up to 14,000 pounds in weight. When an elephant has tusks and hooves as big as two football fields, even a group of lions is in danger. Even lions can’t stop it, and it has been known to throw logs and branches at people it thinks are trying to hurt it. If the lion steps on it, it will flatten in an instant. When angry or after giving birth, the elephant is very dangerous.

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