See 4 things a guy should not do on a first date

It’s your first date with the cute lady in reception, but suddenly, the date is over before it even really begins.

What happened?

What did you do wrong?

It’s very easy to have a successful date once you follow the basic rules. It’s not a test, it’s just an opportunity for you to get to know the other person, so you should give a good impression of yourself.

We decided to put together a list of things you should avoid on your first date. These tips will definitely guarantee you a successful date.

Guys, don’t do these things on a first date.

1. Ask the waiter to split the bill without checking with your date

If your date is a modern lady, she may insist on paying her share of the meal. However, don’t assume she wants to pay as you can seem cheapskate if you’re wrong about her.

2. Pay the whole bill without checking with her whether you may pay

Enlightened ladies won’t appreciate a man assuming he should pay the bill without him first asking her. She is independent, and you should respect the lady enough to ask if you may pay the bill.

3. End the evening expecting a kiss

Even if you know the lady from before your date, you shouldn’t assume she will kiss you on the first date. Instead, wait for her to take the initiative regarding holding hands, kissing, and hugs. Some ladies do kiss on the first date, but many don’t exchange kisses before several dates have passed.

4. Talk about money or your salary.

If you want a real lady who is interested in you, don’t raise the matter of your income. Money is considered a taboo in polite society, so don’t bring it up on the first date. Money shouldn’t impress her if she’s really into you.

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