See 88 years old man who impregnated 22-year old lady


Alphonse, an 88-year-old father of 7, has impregnated a 22-year-old lady, who he claims to be deeply in love with.

Alphonse got married to his first wife in 1954 at age 24. After having 7 children, his wife died due to old age and Alphonse was left alone because his children have also moved out.

He began a search for someone who could help him around the house and also offer him companionship. Two years ago, he met Chibalonza when she was 20 years old and despite their 66-year age gap, they fell in love.

Not caring about the age difference, Chibalonza was ready to get married to the octogenarian. She is now pregnant with his child even though they are not yet married.

Alphonse and Chibalonza. Source:Legitng

Alphonse says they already did their traditional marriage and he had also taken a crate of beer and a live goat to her family.

His only concern of marrying Chibalonza is how his children will treat her when he dies. He is afraid they’ll maltreat her as all his children are older than she is. His first son is 66 years while his last child is 50.

He’s sad that he’s unable to build a separate house for his wife because his financial situation is not as good as it was in his younger days.

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