10 Sweet pet names to call a Yoruba girl to win her heart

The Yoruba individuals are an African ethnic gathering that possesses western Africa. The Yoruba comprise around 44 million individuals altogether. Most of this populace is from Nigeria, where the Yorùbá make up 21% of the nation’s populace. 

Here are the sweet pet names you can call a Yoruba woman to win her heart and significance 

Any Yoruba Girl Will Be Yolurs If You Call Her Any Of These 10 Sweet Pet Names 

1. Ife mi 

This signifies “my affection” and can be utilized for both a bobo and Sisi 

2. MoreNike 

Morenike; I (have) found an individual to spoil 


Morenikeji; I have discovered my second (better) half 


Adunbi; one who is sweet to bring forth 

5) Ekundayo 

Ekundayo; tears have become delight 

6) Adunke 

Adunke; one who is sweet to spoil 

7) Fadekemi 

Fadekemi; utilize the crown to spoil me 

Adunni; one who is sweet to have 


Ifemi : An amazing delight 

9) Ayo 

Ayo; implies delight 

Iwalewa; great character is excellent 

10) Ariyo 

Ariyo; one who is euphoria to view

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