These are the 9 things that women see as being romantic

1. Holding her hand in public. It’s a sweet way to show that you don’t care who knows you’re both together. Holding hands is also an intimate gesture; just the touch of someone’s hand can make a woman feel cared for.

2. Remembering her friend’s birthdays. And anything else that is important to her but kind of obsolete for you. Remembering details of important events is a romantic gesture because it shows how much you care.

3. Planning outings that involve her friends. A woman wants to know that you accept all of her; that includes her friends. Planning things that involve her friends is romantic because you’re letting her know you accept all aspects of her life.

4. Sharing your feelings. There’s nothing more romantic than letting a girl know how you feel. Men have been taught to suppress their emotions and relaying yours will be a breath of fresh air. Women want to know how you feel about them, even if you assume they know.

5. Texting her throughout the day. Sending a woman texts throughout the day shows her that you’re thinking about her. If she likes you, chances are you’re crossing her mind throughout the day. It’s nice to know that feeling is mutual.

6. Asking about her past. It’s hard for women to open up their past. A lot of women are worried that people will run when they start to talk about that. When you ask, it creates space for an intimate connection to form between you two.

7. Remembering the little things. Anything from the meeting she has that week to knowing that her favorite show comes on every Thursday. Asking about those kinds of things is a very romantic gesture.

8. Unexpected surprises. This can be as little as a slice of cake from that one bakery she loves. Surprises don’t have to be big and grandiose to be considered romantic.

9. Validating her feelings. You don’t necessarily have to agree with what created her feelings, but validating them will remind her how much you care. So if she comes home and tells you how stressful her day was, let her know that it indeed sounds like it was very stressful.

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