See 7 people you don’t know the exist

7 People you Don’t Know They Actually Exist

Today we’re going to show you the 8 most unusual people with the most amazing stories.

 1. Jessica Cox

There’s no cooler pilot than Han Solo? Well, Jessica Cox begs to differ because she is the world’s first armless pilot. This woman controls her aircraft using only her foot and she conducts diagnostics before a flight. Jessica drives herself to the airport and rides the buggies to her heart’s content.

Jessica was born without arms and does everything with her feet. She even puts her contact lenses in so doing her makeup is no problem. She constantly trains her legs and even has a black belt in taekwondo. She also enjoys rock climbing and surfing.

2. Caleb Mutumbo

Caleb Mutumbo, 22 years from South Africa is the world’s smallest bodybuilder. He stands just 113 centimeters tall like an average child of six. He weighs just 32 kilograms but he can squat with a 30-kilogram barbell. Caleb works his biceps with 10-kilogram weights maybe he’ll star in the sequel to that movie little man. 

3. Stan Larkin

What do you think? How long could a person survive without a heart? Maybe a minute. Americans Stan Larkin has been living without a heart for 555 days. At age 23 he required an emergency heart transplant but no suitable donor could be found, consequently, doctors implanted a total artificial heart. A component device was installed in his chest while the second part which was six kilograms, Stan had to constantly carry around in a backpack.

4. Zeyara

Oblina from the cartoon Are Real Monsters is sure that her lips are the biggest in the world. She’s never seen Zeyara from Afghanistan. Just look at her huge lips, each of them is at least three centimeters wide. Did she get them enhanced?

Zeyara was popular on Instagram because eastern women rarely look like this but then she deleted her page.

5. Lalit Patatar 

Fare wolves exist. Lalit Patatar from India has the extremely rare werewolf syndrome which has caused his face and body to be completely covered in hair.

Only 50 people in the world have this syndrome and it cannot be treated. He lives an ordinary life he goes to school and hangs out with his friends from whom only his appearance sets him apart. After school, Lalit intends to become the first real-life werewolf policeman. 

6. Ruby

Kardashian sister, no it’s 19-year-old guy Ruby Rue. To become a member of the celebrity family, he could have used Photoshop-like Kirby Jenner but Ruby went further and enlarged his buttocks. He decided on an operation that cost over ten thousand dollars and all for the sake of more closely resembling Kim. Now ruby has been learning how to do makeup and maybe soon he too will become a star.

7. Myrtle Corbin

No this isn’t Photoshop; four-legged Myrtle Corbin is a real person. The girl was born with four legs two of which are noticeably shorter. Myrtle’s twin sister fused with her in the womb so she once had two pelvises with two sets of female organs. Myrtle worked in the circus all her life showing off her legs for money yet she was still able to marry for love. She even gave birth to five children, three were born from one set of organs and two from the other. 

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