Starlink and it’s operational advantages for businesses in Nigeria

Starlink will be a constellation of thousands of satellites designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity on Earth. It’s an ambitious project, and it has the potential to bring about great change in our world.

What is Starlink

Starlink is a constellation of satellites in space that allows you to connect your devices anywhere on Earth. It will provide you with high-speed, low latency internet connectivity directly from outer space.

This means that you can use Starlink without needing an ISP or cable company as a middleman—you will be able to access Starlink directly through your device (phone, laptop, etc.) without needing any additional hardware other than what’s already there.

How does it work

Starlink is a new service from SpaceX that will deliver high-speed internet coverage to you anywhere in the world. The goal of Starlink is to make broadband internet available for everyone, and it’s made possible by low Earth orbit satellites carrying advanced laser communications technology.

The first step in understanding how Starlink works is understanding how your phone connects with cell towers today. Most phones use cellular signals, which are sent through small antennas called base stations located around cities or rural areas (this is why you can get service indoors but not when you’re out in the middle of nowhere). These base stations send signals back and forth between your phone and the Internet gateway provided by your cell provider: AT&T has its own equipment; T-Mobile uses different equipment than AT&T; etc.. This type of network provides great coverage but requires a lot of infrastructure—base station antennae have to be installed around each city or town that uses them—and can only transmit data relatively slowly over long distances because radio waves cannot penetrate buildings or dense vegetation very well.

What is Starlink for

Starlink is a new satellite-based broadband internet service designed to provide high-speed internet to rural areas. Starlink uses low earth orbit (LEO) satellites that operate in the Ku and Ka bands, which are part of the microwave frequencies (MWF). The MWF range from 12 to 18 GHz, but there are other parts of the MWF used for other applications such as mobile phones, television broadcasting, radar and weather forecasting.

How can starlink help improve business in Nigeria?

Starlink is an opt-in service that allows you to keep track of your employees and the equipment they use. It’s like a GPS tracker for people, except it’s not as creepy or invasive because you need to consent before anyone can access the data. If one of your workers leaves their phone behind, or forgets to charge their laptop at home on the way into work, you can check where they were when it happened. You’ll also be able to see how long they spent in each location so that you know if they’re slacking off during breaks or lunch times!

What are the benefits of starlink?

There are many benefits of using this system:

  • You’ll be able to find lost items (like phones) with ease;
  • You can check whether staff members have been working hard enough over lunch;
  • Employees who regularly clock out early will be easily identifiable;
  • Employees who don’t clock out at all will get caught red handed!

Applying starlink here in Nigeria will help improve business alot. Let’s take a look at all the phone shops and electronic shops we have in Nigeria and mind you, we have a lot of them. People are buying phones in Nigeria at a high rate, and also the rate of misplaced phones or gadgets, and also stolen phones or gadgets is on a high. With the features starlink presents, once this devices are linked or connected to starlink, it is easy to trace stolen or misplaced gadgets. This will help increase the security around gadgets in Nigeria.

Lets leave the electronic shops and get into other businesses in Nigeria, keeping track of your employees and making sure they are actually optimizing office equipment and also keeping tabs on their overall performance to help you achieve adequate results at the workplace.

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