Home  Herbal  Remedy For Staphylococus

This staphylococus is stubborn but this may help you drag it out and still clean your system.


– Guava leaves

– Moringa leaves

– Moringer seed

– Turmeric

– Garlic

– Ginger

– Papaya leave

– Aloe vera.


Wash and cut them to small sizes then boil them for 35 mins together.


Take first thing in the morning and night. You can use it as your drink as well.

Try refrigerate them(preferably 5days).

This is all purpose natural herbs treats the following:

1. Total body cleaning of broad spectrum of bacteria

2. Reduce cholesterol level

3. All types of STD/STI, Gonorrhea, staphylococcus etc

4. Erectile dysfunction, Detoxification, Waist Pain, body pain, slimming (add lime).

5. Impotence and low libido, increase spermatogenesis production.

6. Digestive problem and reduction of

high blood pressure

7. Colon cleanser, Kidney/Liver cleanser.

8. Menstrual problems

All this can be easily gotten around your home and prepare for consumption.

Published by Ernest I.

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