3 Factors that determine how long you will live.

According to the World Health Organization, the healthiest nation on earth and the longest living people on the planet are the Japanese. No country in Africa is among the 50 longest-living nations in the world.

Algerians are the longest living people in Africa and they hold the 53rd position in the world. Tunisia is the second longest-living nation in Africa and they are in 54th position in the world.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is in the 168th position in the world. The country that has the shortest life expectancy in the world is Lesotho, and it’s in Africa. It’s in the 184th position. Do you see the short gap between 184 and 168?

The average life expectancy for the entire globe is 72.6 years. There’s no African country that reaches this world average. Although we have some people in Nigeria who lived beyond 75 years before they died, and some are still alive.

Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world, but in terms of how long people live, Nigeria is 168th. A Nigerian is expected to live an average of 54.6 years, according to life expectancy data.

The things that define our health and longevity can be divided into several factors.

1. There are health factors that we can’t control. They are solely in the hands of God, so we cannot do anything about it. This is why we have faith in God to protect us, provide for us, and do his part as our creator.

2. There are health factors that we can control, and these things are our responsibility to take charge of. These health factors are not beyond human control; they’re not in God’s hands.

They are in our hands. What we eat and the things we do with our bodies. When we fail in these responsibilities, there will be health consequences. You cannot blame nature for this.

A newborn baby today has the genetic potential to live for 120 years, but when you look at reality, many people die before reaching 100. This is because there are things some of us are ignorant of which are depriving us of our full potential.

3. The third factor that determines our life expectancy is the government of a country or the leadership in the land.

When you look at countries in the top 50 list of the longest living people in the world, you will discover that their governments spend so much on supporting the health of their people.

Look at how much Japan is spending on health out of its GDP and how much Nigeria is spending on health out of its GDP.

The number of doctors available to the population of Nigeria is not even enough. Some patients will have to wait for many hours before a doctor can be available to attend to them.

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