5 Reasons to know why travelling abroad is not always the best option

The most obvious reason moving abroad isn’t for everyone is the distance it puts between you and your loved ones.

5 reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it
5 reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it

Here are five reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it;

1. Lack of support

The initial thrill of moving to a new country might be quickly replaced by homesickness. This is the feeling of isolation and despair that can occur when you move to a new place with no familiar faces.

While you’ll likely gain some international friends and a different culture, you should also consider how much you value your current relationships. What do you stand to lose in terms of emotional support? How about financial support? A strong support system can help people overcome difficult situations like job loss or the death of a loved one. For this reason, it’s important to weigh the benefits of moving abroad against the potential lack of social and familial support in your new home.

2. You might hate your job

Traveling abroad may provide you with a better paying job, but you must keep in mind that the job may not be a suitable fit for you.

Being stuck at a horrible job can cause one to become frustrated, which leads to resentment and burnout. Relocating should be exciting and fun—without any underlying pressures or stressors.

3. Your quality of life might improve only a little bit

When it comes to earning a higher salary, your experience may be different from many others. In some countries, the cost of living is so high that you still end up with a similar amount at the end of the month. A large part of your salary could go towards housing costs and taxes. As a result, it might become harder for you to save money or even make improvements in your lifestyle.

4. It may be difficult to find a job

Once you’ve found a place to live abroad, you’re going to need something to do. However, you just might not get the job you’re looking for. The qualifications and experience you have from your home country may not work in a new country, and you may have to start from the bottom – and if you can’t speak the language, finding even an entry-level position can be a challenge.

5. The winters are freezing

Finally, you should be ready for the cold.

Depending on where you plan to move, winter conditions can be brutal, with temperatures well below freezing and a persistent dampness that makes even indoor activities feel chilly. Additionally, if you’re moving to a place with long winters, you may find yourself feeling somewhat depressed by the lack of sunlight as winter wears on.

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