These are 6 attitudes that can prevent one from progressing in life

Have you ever wondered why most people find it difficult to make progress in the things they do? The reasons are mostly caused by inner factors, as most individuals have a wrong attitude and philosophy about life.

Our behaviours and attitudes to situations can be a huge hindrance to our progress in life most especially when it is on the negative side.

Regarding this article, we shall discuss 6 attitudes that can hinder a person from making progress in any facet of life. See them below.

1. Clinging to your comfort zone.

A Comfort zone is usually a place that guarantees relaxation, fulfilment and satisfaction. Clinging to your comfort zone will reduce your desire to strive for more and may reduce your motivation and drive for making success in any endeavour. Studies have shown that most individuals who were born to wealthy parents end up achieving little or nothing simply because of their attachment to their comfort zone, hence; they don’t see the need to work hard or to be committed to any course that might be strenuous.

2. Not willing to learn.

Relying on your old knowledge and experience and making no move for an upgrade can amount to low progress in life. We live in a dynamic society where knowledge and skill need revitalizing, thus; it becomes necessary to update your knowledge or skill in other to meet up with the latest societal trend. Doing otherwise might place you in a disadvantaged position in your craft or career.

3. Leaving one’s life by chance.

Living one’s life to fate and making no deliberate effort to effect a change in one’s life can hinder a person’s progress. It is important to know that success is something that cannot be attained by accident, it requires deliberate effort and the right attitude. An English adage postulates that; failure to plan is planning to fail.

4. Not taking responsibility for your life.

The attitude of always placing blames can also hinder a person’s success. Most people are fond of blaming their parents for being born in a poor family, others constantly accuse the government of not providing jobs or erecting the right structures, and some even blame God for their gender. Making all these series of blames and not taking responsibility for your life can heavily sabotage your progress in life. Remember, ‘don’t make excuses, make a change.

5. Being without a vision or future aspirations.

Lacking vision and goals can also amount to little or no progress in life. Studies have shown that the majority of the people who remained outstanding in their endeavours are visionaries who were also diligent at the things they do. Living your life to chance and not making a deliberate effort to pursue a profitable course can hinder your progress and fulfilment.

6. Procrastination.

This is one area almost everyone is guilty of. Making constant procrastination and effecting little or no change can be a huge hindrance to a person’s success. The idea of procrastination will rob you of the motivation and zeal to achieve a particular task. Hence; whatever is worthwhile, should be done instantly, and not postponed to the future. 

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