5 Habits that will make people respect you

Psychology tells us that, no two people are the same even if they are identical twins. People have various personalities; some are introverts, while others are extroverts; nonetheless, regardless of your personality, if you have certain lifestyles, people will respect you and want to work with you.

Your lifestyle is your way of life; it encompasses your attitude, character, ethics, behavior, and loves and dislikes. People respect you if you live a certain way, even if they don’t like you.

Here are 7 lifestyle habits that will earn you respect in the eyes of others.

1. Keeping To Time: The term “African Time” was coined to describe those people who, although being the ones who set the time, never kept it. Apart from being a terrible habit, being late causes others to lose respect for you, and they will begin to disregard your appointments over time.

Being punctual, on the other hand, speaks highly of you; it shows others that you value their time and that you are disciplined, as keeping to schedule requires a great amount of discipline. Keeping track of time causes people to take you more seriously, implying that they will respect you.

2. Having a Very High Moral Standard: In today’s environment, finding a nice individual who has and maintains a moral standard is a little challenging. People with low morals are rarely respected, and even those who claim to admire them simply have a superficial respect for them.

A person who has and maintains a high moral standard does not break the rules, exploit others, defraud them, or undermine their integrity. Despite the fact that most people dislike such people, they are held in high regard.

3. Being Well-Dressed: There’s an old adage that ‘initial impressions count.’ Another saying goes, ‘you are addressed in the manner in which you dress.’

Your clothing says a lot about you, who you are, and what your values are. As a result, it is critical to dress in clothes that are respectable, neat, well-fitting, and acceptable, as well as garments that make a positive statement about you.

What you wear has a significant impact on whether or not people respect or dismiss you, particularly if you are a woman.

4. Practicing Simple Courtesy: The thing about courtesy is that it doesn’t take anything away from you, but many people lack it.

Simple courtesies such as greeting people when entering public venues such as public transit, saying excuse me, not interrupting people while they are speaking, saying sorry, and creating space for others may get you a long way in life and, most importantly, earn you respect.

Courtesies are meant to be observed by both the rich and the poor, so image your admiration for a boss or employee who follows the above-mentioned etiquette.

5. Humility: “proud but not arrogant” is my definition of humble. This simply means that you should know your value, demand what is rightfully yours, set limits, and carry yourself with grace while never looking down on or dismissing others. You should also never believe that you are too big to accomplish anything.

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