5 Reasons gentle men are often single

A gentleman is a man of good and courteous conduct. He is a well bred, well mannered and charming man. But there is one common problem with them, they are single most of the times. If you have been asking yourself why secretly, then here is my own take.

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1. They are usually introverts

You would hardly come by a lousy by nature man who is also a gentleman. It’s contradicting. Most gentlemen are often introverts, and they may not admit it, but they find it difficult to approach a lady they like. Some do not know what to say and that is because of their introvertic nature.

2. They are most times strictly career men

A career man is a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity. They are so focused that they may not notice you if you try so hard to impress them. Their gentlemanliness is like a training they worked for and so this kind of man is usually very picky with women.

3. Their standards are too high

Yes. YOUR. STANDARDS. ARE. TOO. HIGH. You may be good looking, be in great shape, drive a cool car and earn £100k a year after tax. Long story short, the kind of life they live is the standard they expect from other women. But the thing is that, perfect women only exists in our imagination.

4. Relationships don’t seem to work out for them

This kind of man is often taken for granted in a relationship because he will always remain gentle regardless. Women don’t appreciate these type of men even though they love the idea of dating one. In the end, they decide that relationships is not their thing and will rather just live their lives.

5. They are scared of losing Independence

Some people avoid committing to relationships because they’re having a lot of fun being free and single. Other people have a genuine underlying fear of losing said independence. Human beings are genetically predetermined to depend on someone other than themselves (i.e. a mate), so if your fear of losing your independence is so crippling you can’t bear to settle down then fear not – play the field, enjoy yourself and wait for that inherent instinct to kick in naturally in time.

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