8 Signs that you are in a fake relationship

1. You don’t know your Partner’s close friends and family

This is a clear sign that a person does not want to make you a part of his or her family. If the love of genuine, friends and family are among the first people a man or woman will introduce you to. If a person hides his or her friends and close family members from you, the message is very clear, the relationship is totally fake and it’s time you move on.

2. When there is a lack of chemistry between the two of you

Is there a chemistry between the two of you or it’s just about sex. The woman could be hot the man may be hotter but sex is not everything that is needed in the relationship. It’s not just about them being handsome and beautiful, it’s always about having a chemistry that allows your conversations to flow.

A time comes when the man will no longer have the body that you probably used to admire and the woman like wise, if there are is no chemistry then nothing will ever work. It’s definitely a fake relationship build on what the other party can offer and not who you really are.

3. There is a struggle for supremacy and a sense of being more powerful than the other

This is a dangerous place to be in if you are in any relationship. If your partner is not ready to swallow their pride and let go of their ego, then they are not ready for a relationship. For any relationship to work, it may sometimes take the man to inconvenience himself for the sake of the woman and the woman also. It’s never about you every time but also about the other person. If your partner is not willing to be flexible to accommodate you and your feelings, then they are not the type you should stay with in the relationship.

4. The two of you never get to have any meaningful discussions when it comes to marriage

Your partner has to envision himself or herself with you in future as a couple for it to be counted as a genuine relationship. Is he or she willing to talk about marriage, children, career and in a way That is meaningful? If the two of you never get to talk of marriage, children and and your future together, them the relationship is headed nowhere. You’re probably wasting each other’s time and this is very common when the person avoids such discussions intentionally.

5. When there is no public display of affection that you have for each other

Is your partner more that willing to let the whole world know that you are a partner that he or she loves. Is he or she the type that wants everything kept as a secret for reasons only known to him? There has to be that display of public affection for any really that is headed in the right direction. Can she walk with you in public? Can he display his affection for you in public? If he or she cannot do these things, then it is a fake relationship.

6. Your conversations are very boring

This means the two of you have no chemistry. When there is chemistry, there will be no struggle when it comes to communicating with each other. You probably text each other only once in a while because you have nothing to say to them, then that means there is no strong bond.

7. When the two of you don’t have any remarkable experiences together

Do you have moments in your life that are very remarkable and worth remembering or there’s absolutely nothing in the picture. There has to be something in the past that connects the two of you. It has to be that exciting moment that will make you even fall in love more with your partner anytime you think of it. If the two of you have nothing, then it means the two of you have nothing in common and unless you are both willing to create those moments, there is absolutely nothing genuine about that relationship.

8. You are not even sure whether or not you love the person

Are you in a relationship but in a state of uncertainty whether or not you love the other person. You will actually never have doubts when you have genuine feelings for a person. It will not be a matter of guessing whether or not they are the right people, everything about them will convince you that you have made the right choice and you will never doubt yourself in any way.

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