3 Signs that indicate your daughter is about to start her period

One thing you should know and let your daughter know is that every girl is different. While some girls start their periods as early as when they are nine or ten years old, many others may start as late as 14 to 15 years old. This means that some start earlier than others. Sometimes, you can use the time you start your period to predict the time your daughter will start her own.

However, if you can’t use that, let’s look at some signs and changes you can watch out for when your daughter is about to start her period. 

1. Breasts

Your daughter will have to develop her breasts for about two years before she starts seeing her period. This does not necessarily imply that her breasts will be completely developed and be like those of an adult. It simply implies that she has had a growth on her chest for almost two years. As a result, she may still be flat-chested or require the use of a bra. Keep in mind that every girl is unique! Once you notice the development of breasts and it has started for about two years, she is reaching the period of starting her menstruation. 

2. Hair growth on the pubic or underarms

For at least the last four to six months before the initiation of her period. It will keep on growing. This, of course, does not imply that she will develop a full head of adult-like hair. It simply indicates that she has begun to grow hair in the pubic region or under her arms of some sort. This is another sign that shows that your daughter is ready to start her menstrual cycle. 

3. Vaginal discharge

Your daughter would have been experiencing vaginal discharge for at least 3 months before she saw her period. This can occur approximately 1–2 years before a girl’s first period. If it becomes heavier and more often, it’s a sign that her menstruation will arrive within the next 3 to 6 to 12 months! It doesn’t get any more precise than that!

This may be hard to explain to your daughter as she may be noticing a yellow or whitish stain on her pants or she may be feeling wet around her private parts. Your daughter may be worried at first because she may think something is wrong with her. Your daughter needs to understand that this is a normal thing to occur and that her vaginal discharge will adjust throughout her monthly cycle. Let her also know that it may be lighter or heavier at times, and she must become accustomed to finding areas of white or yellow on her pants!

According to Healthline, below are some other signs your daughter may feel:

Premenstrual symptoms, such as stomach cramps, backaches, headaches, bloating, slight nausea, weariness, and possibly even feeling irritated, unhappy, and/or anxious, may occur before your daughter’s period begins. 

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