Nigerian Youth

Nigerian Youths are being exploited and abused by the very people they elected to serve them, but little do they even reason let alone to notice it!

How on earth do you converge and manage a population of about 2 to 3k youths in a single hall amids this critical situation of insecurity all over the country and expect that training to be successfully assimilated! Undoubtedly, there will be poor class management, poor assimilation from the part of the trainee because of bad weather and a lot of other factors.

Why won’t this training be conducted on LG bases or better still online? The last i checked, there were AGMEIS training Centres across the LGAs in the state. Why won’t this centres be used even when it’s said to be a CBN loan?

Why the rush to go to the training centre even when you don’t know your fate yet? Why won’t you demand that the list be made public?

We seem not to bother demanding for our rights that’s why we’re being treated like goats by the very people who we elected by ou very hands.

Why won’t the master list be made public?

Think about using the little kobo you have to transport yourself to Minna, considering the bad shape of our roads and the security situation of the state, just to find out you’re not shortlisted for this very batch. How will you feel? Think about this.

The officials in charge should do the needful by either resending the mails or should simply make the list available for everybody! My opinion.

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