Main causes of lack of libido and how to cure it.

Libido is the name given to sexual desire, which is part of human instinct, but can be influenced by physical or emotional issues, and therefore can be increased or decreased in some people at certain stages of life.

The hormones which control the libido are testosterone in men and oestrogen in women, and therefore at certain times of the month it is normal for women to have more or less sexual interest. Normally women have a higher libido during their fertile period and a lower libido during the menopause.

Several factors can cause a lack of libido, such as stress, anxiety, relationship problems and the use of medication. It is important to identify the cause so that attitudes can be taken to increase sexual desire.

Main Causes

A decreased libido can happen as a result of changes in the levels of hormones which control sexual desire or because of everyday situations, which can be temporary or long-lasting. According to experts at Healthline – Some of the main causes of lack of libido are:

– Emotional changes, such as stress, anxiety and depression, as they directly interfere with mood and disposition, and can cause a lack of libido on a temporary basis;

– Emotional traumas, especially when related to sexual intercourse, which can cause decreased libido

– Sexual impotence, since due to the difficulty in having and/or maintaining an erection, there can be a decrease in sexual desire motivated by frustration, for example;

– Relationship problems, since in this case it is possible that besides tension, attraction diminishes, which ends up diminishing the libido;

– Use of medication, such as birth control pills, anxiolytics or antidepressants, because they cause changes in the hormonal levels circulating in the body and can interfere with the nervous system, which can interfere with sexual desire.

– Menopause, since there is an imbalance in the levels of female sex hormones, which can cause a decrease in libido, as well as the other typical signs and symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats and frequent tiredness, for example;

– Decreased testosterone levels in men, since this hormone is directly related to sexual desire and sperm production;

– Pain during sexual intercourse, because once there is pain and/or discomfort at the moment of pleasure, there may be a decrease in interest so that the pain is no longer felt;

In women, the lack of libido can also be caused by the difficulty in reaching orgasm or getting aroused, which makes intimate contact difficult due to the lack of lubrication of the vagina, which causes pain during sexual intercourse.

How to increase the Libido

To increase the libido, it is important to consult a doctor so that it is possible to identify the cause and then start the most appropriate treatment. In cases where the lack of libido is a result of taking some medication, the doctor may advise you to change the dose or discontinue the medication. When it is related to hormonal changes, hormone replacement therapy may be recommended.

Moreover, in case the decrease in libido is related to lower levels of testosterone or to sexual impotence, it is interesting to increase the consumption of foods which improve blood circulation, such as tuna and chia seeds, for example, as they favour excitement.

On the other hand, when the lack of libido is a consequence of emotional alterations, traumas or relationship problems, the best solution is to seek treatment with a psychoanalyst, so that the emotional causes are resolved and the sexual desire can emerge. Fighting anxiety and stress also helps to increase the libido, as well as improving self-esteem and practicing physical exercises.

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