Sexual urge: 6 Ways to control it.

Human beings are created to have the urge for physical intimacy. Meanwhile, this desire can be controlled in a way that won’t control you.

There’s nothing wrong with having the urge for physical intimacy, so don’t ever condemn yourself when you feel this way. However, it should not become something that burns like an unquenchable fire.

The force of motion needs a regulator, otherwise, things will be damaged. Just like a fan is manufactured with a regulator, God, who created you to have the urge, has also given you the power to regulate it. The following are six ways to do it:

1. Stop using drugs that trigger the urge. Some drugs are produced specifically to stimulate your urges. Some people use them when they want to be with their partners.

However, if you have been using it, it might take a while before the drug stops functioning in your body. If you want the urge to die down, stop using it if you are not meeting with your partner.

2. Avoid making eye contact with someone who arouses your desire. When they look at you or your eyes look in their direction by accident, try to look the other way immediately.

If you must have a conversation with them, ensure that you avoid staring at anything on their body that could trigger the urge.

3. Anytime the thought comes to your mind, try to cancel it immediately or engage your mind with another thought that will interrupt it.

Our thoughts are powerful and whatever dwells there for some time is what will determine our actions. When you learn how to master your thoughts, you will control the urge.

4. What we see and admire might influence us. So stay away from pornography. You only need to make up your mind about this and you’ll be able to stop it.

5. Recognize your weakness and don’t make provisions for it. You already know those temptations you cannot resist, so don’t put yourself in a situation for the temptation to come.

6. Don’t be idle. So get yourself busy with something so that you won’t feel bored. The urge might be stronger for you when you feel bored.

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