These are 8 reasons you don’t have a girlfriend and solution to that.

Are you wondering why you can’t get a girlfriend? If a girl doesn’t seem interested in you when you talk to her, there is something you are doing wrong. It could be that you appear unconfident, and unattractive. A lot of girls are looking for great guys. So, you need to start looking at yourself.

Here are the reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend, and what you can do to change that.

1. You are not even trying to get one.

If you don’t approach a girl, what do you honestly expect? She might be into you but you are not trying to show interest in her. You have to try your best to get the girl who you find attractive.

2. If a girl rejects you, you quit.

You have to understand that rejection is a part of life. Some people got denied a college that they wanted to go to. That is also rejection. If you want to get a girlfriend, you don’t have to take rejection from a girl personally. It might prevent you from talking to other girls. All you have to do is to get going and you will find one.

3. You are trying to be extra nice.

It’s good to be a good person, but you shouldn’t pretend to be a “nice guy” who is overly kind and accommodating just to get her. No girl will want to date you because you don’t love them.

4. You are too shy.

Most girls want a guy who will make them laugh and they can talk to. If she is coming your way, you shouldn’t run away from her or focus on your phone. If you are shy, try to at least talk to her and compliment her.

5. You prefer staying indoors all the time.

You won’t find the love of your life staying at home. Try to go out with your friends, it is the only way to meet new people.

6. You want her to make the first move.

Are you waiting for her to approach you? Most girls find it very difficult to make the first move. If you are interested in her, you are going to have to show it. You have to make the first move and get used to it.

7. You want “Miss Perfect”.

That perfect girl may exist but it’s rare to find. You can look for someone real instead.

8. You are not independent.

You might not have a good job now but you have to be hungry for growth. Every girl wants to be with a guy who will take care of her and take her out for a date.

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