These are 6 signs a lady want you to chase her

Most men are usually faced with the decision of whether to chase the woman they desire for a relationship or to quit. Studies have shown that when a woman wants to be romantically engaged with a man, she tends to behave in ways that reveal her interest and availability. When a woman is attracted to a man and wants him to make romantic advances at her, she adopts certain positive traits and welcoming gestures.

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 6 signs that show a lady wants a man to chase her for a relationship. See them below.

1.     She isn’t comfortable with you being too close with other ladies.

When a lady likes you romantically, she tends to be protective of you, which includes shielding you from the company of other ladies. When you notice a sudden show of resentment when she sees you discussing with other ladies affectionately, it is a sign she wants you for a relationship. This feeling is spurred by jealousy and the fear of losing interest in her.

2.     When she smiles generously when you are around her.

It is quite a normal phenomenon for a lady to smile to make you comfortable around her, but when you notice a regular act of cheerfulness whenever she comes in contact with you, is a clear narration she likes you and would want to be in a relationship with you. This cheerful gesture simply means your advances are welcome.

3.     When she always wants to be close to you.

When a lady is having a crush on you, she finds everything about you amusing, which includes your presence. This involves the idea of enjoying conversing with you and being around you for no important reason. So, the next time she comes around you for trivial reasons, or probably to ask about your day, seek advice, or discuss a sport with you; means she wants to get your attention and interest as well.

4.     When she accepts your offer to visitation or outing.

If a woman has no feeling of admiration for you, she is going to have a lot of excuses why she won’t be available for an outing or visitation with you. In other words, when she isn’t interested in you, she may not honour your invitation for a date. In the same vein, when she agrees to be available for a date with you, despite her busy schedules, it’s a pointer that she is attracted to you and equally wants you to chase her.

5.     She is careful not to hurt your feelings.

When a lady wants you to chase her, she might appear uninterested at some point, but will still be careful not to anger you. This is usually shown in her frequent apology for her wrongs against you. It can also be revealed in her attitude of listening to you and being careful not to hurt your feelings.

6.     When she makes an extra effort to look good and attractive around you.

When you notice she makes an effort to look good beyond her regular style of fashion whenever she is around you, it is a sign that she wants you to be attracted to her and also chase her for a relationship. When a woman is careful how she looks, most especially in your presence, she is trying to send a message that you should chase her.

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