5 Places on Earth where force of gravity doesn’t work

As we all know the force of gravity is responsible for the pulling down of an object. Gravity is the force that also holds the sun and the other planets in the solar system. If you bend too further facing the ground you are bound to fall, but where the gravitational force doesn’t work instead of falling after bending you won’t be able to fall.

So base on research carried out on the topic here are some of the places on earth where the force of gravity doesn’t work.

1. Inverted waterfall

The inverted waterfall is located in the Republic of Chile, the waterfall flows appear to flow upwards. But upon a closer look, you will realize that the phenomenon can be explained by the extremely strong wind which blows upward from the water.

2. Mystery spotThis is a tourist attraction based in Santa Cruz, California, and it was first opened in 1939. The mystery spot has less or no gravitational force.

3. Mount Aragats

This place is located in western Armenia, sitting about 30km from the border of Turkey. This Mountain has a river flowing upwards and it is even said tha cars move upwards by there own accord in this area.

4. Magnetic Hill -India

The hill is believed to have a magnetic force which pulls object to it. Normally a car parked on a hill is supposed to move down but on the India Magnetic hill if you pack your car it will remain there not moving. The hill is located near Gudawara Plateau.

5.Jeju mysterious road -South Korea

Jeju mysterious road is located in South Korea, the mysterious road is called Jeju as the road appear to slope upward, which slightly tilts downward. The local people call the road Jeju because objects placed on this road tend to move on their own accord.

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