15 Names of sexual habits

Homosexual, Sapiosexual, Pansexual, Skoliosexual, And The Different Human Sexual Orientations

Human sexual orientation are simply the preferences humans tend to have towards the choice of their romantic or sexual behaviour, below are some examples:

1. Sapiosexual

This is used to describe people who are attracted to people, based on their intelligence instead of their gender. That is they are attracted to intelligent people.

2. Aromantic

This word is used to describe people who don’t experience any romantic attractions to any gender.

3. Cupiosexual

This word describes those who don’t experience any form of sexual attraction but still want to engage in a sexual relationship.

4. Pansexual

This refers to a person who can experience a form of romantic attraction to any person regardless of their gender.

5. Omnisexual

This is the same as pansexual.

6. Demisexual

These are people who are only attracted to others after a strong romantic relationship has been formed.

7. Libidoist asexual

This is a person that has a sexual feeling which is only satisfied via masturbation.

8. Autoromatic

This is a person who is only romantically attracted to himself or herself.

9. Homosexual

This is a word that describes people who experience a sexual and romantic relationship with people of the same gender.

10. Polysexual

This describes people who have sexual attraction toward people of different genders.

11. Pomosexual

This refers to people who reject any form of sexual orientation label.

12. Non-libidoist asexual

This is a person who doesn’t have any form of sexual feelings at all.

13. Sex-averse

These are people who are not interested in any form of sexual behaviour.

14. Skoliosexual

These are people who are attracted to genderqueer and transgenders.

15. Spectrasexual

These are people who are sexually attracted to multiple genders but not all or any in particular.

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