4 Reasons Nitrogen gas is used in inflating airplane tyres instead of air.

Tyres are one of the most important parts of an airplane, it does not only carry the weight of the plane, but it’s also the only point of contact to the ground and plans a very vital role in the braking and acceleration systems of the plane.

Safety in the aviation industry is a topmost concern and for years aeronautic engineers are always developing new ways to make air transport safer.

Without more words, In this article, I will be bringing to your knowledge why Nitrogen is used to inflate airplane tyres.

Nitrogen is a chemical element that exists mainly as gas, it is one of the most abundant elements on our planet Earth with about 78% of it in air. It is a very important gas used mainly in manufacturing for preserving food and the aviation industry for inflation tyres

Why is Nitrogen preferred for inflating tyres in the aviation industry instead of air?.

1. Absent Of Water Vapour: Planes can reach a high altitude where temperature can be very extreme, since air contains water vapour it can lead to the formation of ice in the tyre whereas Nitrogen is with no trace of water vapour.

2. Maintain Pressure: Nitrogen can maintain the tyre’s pressure since its molecules are large and move slower. Pressure is important to plane tyres because it makes them last longer and decreases the risk of tyre blowout.

3. Air Seep: Air can easily seep through the tyres over time whereas Nitrogen doesn’t.

4. Fire Occurrence: Since Nitrogen contains non-flammable properties, it is preferably used in plane tyres. Air support combustion and in case of an aircraft accident, it will greatly support the burning process whereas Nitrogen won’t.

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