10 Things that mean so much to woman

It’s not the material things that prove to a woman how much you care but the simple and sweet gestures. The little things you ignore as a man mean so much to women. Here are 7 little things that mean so much to women.

1. Phone calls.

As nontext communication becomes more rare, picking up the phone and calling your partner is respected. It means you want to talk to her right then and there instead of allowing idle windows in between texts.

2. Never forget her birthday

Women have an attachment to their birthday that even science cannot explain; it might be just a day, but to her it’s a special day. Merely forgetting her birthday can cause a tumult greater than World War II. If you value your relationship with her, never ever forget her birthday, she might never forgive you.

3. Holding their hand.

It may seem so trivial, but hand-holding is such a sweet interaction that’s often overlooked. Reaching for your woman hand is still a sign of affection, and it shows others you’re proud to be with her.

4. Don’t take forever to respond to her text

You don’t have to be completely glued to your phone, but you probably are anyway. If she texts you, at least have the courtesy to text her back in a reasonable amount of time. It will show her that she is a priority to you even when you’re busy. It just takes a few seconds.

5. Communicate your feelings ,the good and the bad.

Most women enjoy an inclusive relationship, and a significant part of this is feeling included in your emotions. While it may be easier to demonstrate your happiness and joy, you shouldn’t forget that she also wants to know when you are anxious or sad. Being so open with her makes her feel special; it shows that you trust her and that you are not afraid to appear vulnerable in front of her.

6. Hug her daily.

However manly you may think you are, a good hug is definitely not something to shy away from. Women really appreciate the closeness it provides and the comfort it brings and it shows that physicality needn’t be reserved for the bedroom. What’s more, hugging is a proven way to boost the connection you feel thanks to the bond-strengthening hormones that are released.

7. Be silly together.

Being able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously is a trait that women typically value in a man. It means that they can be silly with you and not worry about what they look like or sound like. So let your inner child loose on a regular basis and share some laughter with your partner.

8. Help her with house chores

Guys rarely do house chores, unless they’re riding solo. So, imagine the depth of love your girl will feel for you when she comes home and finds you have prepared dinner or done the dishes? You can also be extra on the weekend and decide to do all the household chores just to give her a break.

9. Apologise to her when you’re wrong

The word “sorry” is not easy to come by a man’s mouth. Therefore, you “manning” up and genuinely saying sorry when at fault will make her realise you’re indifferent and love you more for such.

10. Shower her with compliments

Complimenting about her personality, appearance or her outfit will go a long way in terms of her loving you. But you have to be genuine about it, don’t just do it to please her. You can also score a bonus by complimenting her on something that she would never expect. So, attention to detail is very important.

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