8 Health benefits of fasting

Apart From Its Spiritual Benefits, Here Are 8 Health Benefits Of Fasting You Should Know

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Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is taught in most religions of the world. It involves voluntarily reducing or eliminating your intake of food for a specific time and purpose. It has a number of benefits, including the development of spiritual strength.

However, while you are gaining spiritual benefits from fasting, there are a number of physical benefits you stand to gain as well. In this article, we’ll find out more about the health benefits of fasting.

1) It promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance

Fasting is the best insulin resistance diet to sensitize your cells to respond to insulin. It has been shown to have major benefits for insulin resistance and an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.Image credit: everydayhealth.com

2) Helps to fight inflammation

Inflammation is involved in the development of chronic conditions, such as heart disease, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. However, studies have shown that fasting can help decrease levels of inflammation and help promote better health.

3) Improves heart health

Fasting has been associated with a lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. LDL cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol that can raise your risk of heart disease or stroke, while triglycerides are fats found in the blood that can lead to stroke, heart attack, or heart disease.

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4) Aids weight loss

Fat burning typically begins after approximately 12 hours of fasting and escalates between 16 and 24 hours of fasting, and fasting helps people eat fewer calories. So, by limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism, fasting may result in weight loss over time.Image credit: marketwatch.com

5) Boosts metabolism

Fasting gives your digestive system a rest, and this can energise your metabolism to burn through calories more efficiently. This will regulate your digestion and promote healthy bowel function, thus improving your metabolic function.

6) Aids cancer prevention

Having a healthy weight is an important factor in preventing a number of cancers. Fasting can reduce a person’s overall calorie intake and help fight cancer by lowering insulin resistance and levels of inflammation.

7) Helps to delay aging

Fasting increases the body’s metabolic activity, which further leads to a healthy body and skin. Moreover, it also slows down the degradation of DNA, which is what occurs when we age, and accelerates DNA repair, thus slowing down the aging process.Image credit: everydayhealth.com

8) Improves brain function

Fasting improves cognition, reduces brain damage, and spurs the growth of new brain cells. It can help to clear the mind and awaken the senses while also boosting brain function.Image credit: news24.com

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