Sexual amendment bill


Yesterday, the Nigerian Senate led by Senate President Ahmed Lawan has read for the 3rd term The Sexual Amendment Bill (2020 as amended).

In this bill, the lecturers in higher institutions must not date, friend or have sexual intercourse with any student.

In short, intention to do so is 14years jail term. This law is endorsed by all stakeholders of education industry apart from the ASUU who felt the law is against their members.

While passing the law, the senate adjusted the law to even mean all schools including secondary and primary schools.

So if you are a teacher and you are dating one of your students, you have one of these four options;

  1. End the relationship immediately
  2. Marry her immediately
  3. Resign as a teacher
  4. Tell the girl to drop out of school and start a trade.

If you are caught, 21years imprisonment. There is nothing like, she gave consent. They said NO MORE CONSENT.

If you make any attempt to date or cajole a student or toast. Or you make sexual advances at a student; 14years imprisonment.

If you forcefully “involve” with a student (in the words of Senate President) my guy, you dey go prison.

Now, this is not peculiar to teachers and lecturers only. Even bosses at work. Directors, HODs, EDs, ES, Supervisors, etc

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