See how regular hot shower affects Men’s reproductive health

Poor production of sperm leads to low sperm count. Sperm is the male gamete that fuses with that of the female so as to cause fertilization. When there are not enough sperm cells produced in the male, it could be difficult having fertilization take place.

Source: News Medical

A lot if not all the cases of infertility in men came about as a result of low production of sperm cells and some other sperm cell abnormalities. Some medical conditions could lead to poor sperm production but some things we do daily and call it normal lifestyle can as well be responsible, one of these include constant hot shower, that is water bath.

Source: The times

Hot shower is known to increase the body temperature albeit temporarily. Ability to wash thoroughly the sweat pores, kick stress off among others are also included in the benefits they provide. The male reproductive system which includes the penis and scrotal sac are located in a place in the body where the temperature of the body has no ability to affect them. This is because the temperature required for optimal sperm production should be less than that of the body. Regularly exposing this organ to hot temperature which could either be by continuously having a hot shower or by using your laptop computer while on your laps can actually lead to an increase in it’s temperature and when this occurs, the production of sperm can be altered and the result of this would be low sperm count. 

Mind you, this article isn’t here to make you enemies with hot showers but to enlighten you on it’s possible implications when abused. Take hot showers only when it is necessary and not all the time. Also, instead of keeping your laptop computers on your laps as you make use of them, it’s far better you have it on your table. 

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