Some of 28 wisdom tips on how to read people

1. Don’t be fooled by popular sayings. For instance, they say that a person who scratches his/her nose may be lying. Some people may do that when they are lying but you wouldnt be certain. Sometimes when some lie, they do smile and intentionally start biting their lips to cover.

2. If you want to know if people are actually lying, look at their eyes. Our eyes are extremely powerful! For example: ask someone why he lost something and look at his eyes and his whole body. If he blurts it all out without taking the time to remember and his eyes dont wander around to remember what he had actually done, then he’s probably making up a story or they bring up something totally irrelevant to try to make you forget that you actually asked the question.

3. Be a good listener: To deduce information out of anyone just listen and ask questions. You’ll be surprised by what you hear.

4. To deduce secrets out of people, act like you understand them and dont judge. This trick has benefited me alot and I have gained many close friends when I do that! You should start off by asking questions then you listen. Look deeply in the person’s eye but dont be creepy then share something about yourself that’s weird then wait and listen.

5. Everyone wears a mask to protect themselves from being misunderstood or judged. The key to getting what you want from people is to TAKE OFF YOUR MASK!

6. Sometimes people will make it obvious that they dont like you or are irritated by you. Don’t be oblivious to the signs. If the person is not looking at you while you are talking but doesnt seem like he’s thinking about something, then he’s probably irritated by you.

7. When you are approaching a person and suddenly they take out their phone, leave instantly. That doesnt always mean that they dont like you but if you are blabbering about something and they aint showing you the slightest interest then leave.

8. When someone is irritated by you and shows it, then you act like you know that and you stop giving them any attention, they actually come back and start talking to you. It’s actually very weird but people hated feeling like they’re disliked by someone especially when that someone is the person they disliked before! Weird, right?

9. People who take up the most space when sitting down are the ones you shouldnt really mess with. They’re the ones that walk in a room and look directly to the place they want to sit in. They walk as if they’re walking on air. Dont mess with them.

10. When you are a new comer to a group of people, please observe each one and you’ll notice patterns. There is always the friendly person who introduces you to the group. Sometimes that’s the same person who’ll ditch you to be with the leader of the group. You’ll also come across one who’ll tell you all about each person in the group and he’ll start whining about something he dislikes. Don’t trust that person. The one paying you the less attention is the one who is the most powerful in the group.

11. Ask people for favours sometimes. They’ll like you even more when you do because you’ll make them feel important.

12. Share things about yourself but be mysterious. People like an air of mystery!

13. Look at how a person treats their parents and siblings. This actually shows the parts of themselves that they tend to hide when they are talking to you.

14. Sometimes when a person is irritated, they scratch themselves alot or tilt their heads. It depends on the person but you have to observe everything.

15. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some people have a resting bitch face and they come off as cold or arrogant.

16. Increase in pauses and less blinking are main indicators of lying. Also, remaining unnaturally still is one of the indicators. This is due to the cognitive load. However, we are all individuals so look for the change of behaviour in the person you’re dealing with.

17. Watch out for the “funny jokes” your squad say about you because usually this is what they say behind your back!

18. Even shy and quiet people have many bad things to say about others but they keep their mouths shut. Give them the opportunity to say those things when you show interest and you listen to them.

19. Look out for signs someone is lovebombing you! Dont fall for the attention anyone gives you because once they stop, you’ll become frustrated.

20. Anyone if given the chance, can become a “bad person”. People can become who they never ever wanted to be! We are our worst enemy! Just take a look at some politicians and world leaders. Take a look at all the murder done by powerful people!

21. Support people’s social identity. Everyone wish to be someone else. The ideal self! Search for that and support it by giving compliments or asking for help.

22. In any relationship, the person who acts like he/she doesnt care, has more control.

23. When you show weakness, you bring out the lion in everyone, even people who you presume as weak. You’ll often find that people who are considered weak by others are constantly critisized, taken advantage of and bossed around.

24. Everyone has a person who they value. For example: tell a secret to a person you value and he might tell it to a person whom he values more. 

25. Never take sides when other people are fighting. You’ll be the boss because when other people are taking sides, you’ll be watching from above. No one can hold anything against you!

26. You’ll never win an argument with pseudo-intellectuals (someone who pretends to be more intelligent than they are), so just act dumber than they are.

27. You will not always be anyone’s cup of tea but when you ask for favours from people who hates you, they will respect you more.

28. When one-day someone acts like they like you and the other day they ignore you, it has a tremendous effect on you because you expect attention and care all the time. That person makes you wonder, Is it something you did? Is it who you are? You start thinking about that person. The person becomes powerful to you because he doesnt want you or need you. If you give someone too much attention and care, you’ll repel them but give them moderate attention and care and they’ll be attracted to you in the long run.

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