Insecurity: Bandits destroyed in Nupeland

By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe

Yesterday the news broke out on the social media that over 40 bandits were killed by Nupe Vigilantes at Kutigi. And the conventional media reported that the Governor of Niger State has approved the arming of vigilante groups to combat bandits.

Actually, bandits are being successfully killed on a daily basis throughout KinNupe without the news making headlines.

A recent widespread claim is that the Nupe people will spiritually neutralize and physically kill any bandit that make the mistake of invading KinNupe. That claim is now becoming a reality.

That claim was fueled by unconfirmed reports that over 200 of the first batch of bandits to invade KinNupe were secretly killed and burnt to ashes by Nupe witchdoctors and Bocizhi in Lavun.

Whatever the truth might be, the point here is that KinNupe is going to be the mass grave for the bandits that have been terrorizing Nigerians.

If any Nupe community or society decides to deal squarely with any bandit group, we Nupe people possess the superior spiritual powers that can be harnessed to destroy the bandits effortlessly.

If the Gbagyis, the people of Borno, the Hausas and other people of Northern Nigeria had recruited the services of Nupe spiritually fortified vigilantes earlier, the menace of banditry in the North would have been curtailed long ago.

Our religious leaders should please continue with their prayers in the mosques and churches – but this is the time to let Nupe Spiritualism destroy the bandits.

This is the time for Nupe to save Nigeria!

© Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe (0813 798 2743 whatsapp message only)

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