These are 12 signs someone is extremely jealous of you

It feels so amazing and fulfilling when you achieve a new feat or a goal you have the desire to reach for so long. It might have taken you sleepless nights finances and sacrifices. It might interest you to know that some people feel the opposite way when you achieve these things. Even when you announce your achievements, some people show support and excitement, but then there are others or someone who develops cold feet toward celebrating with you.

These people might act like they are your friends, but the sad truth is that they find comfort and even pleasure in your pain. There is an excellent level of jealousy in these people to bring you down is impossible means. Some of the causes of the given situation are inferiority complex and heightened covetous desire. To be frank on the issues of jealousy, everyone has an atom of it. There is a feeling of inferiority that comes to you, and someone achieves something more significant than what you have done.

Also, you feel like you deserve it more, especially when you think you are smarter. It’s natural with everyone, but you don’t try to ruin what the person has achieved. Instead, you are motivated or push to get yours or even do better. But the people we are talking about a level of jealousy takes the biscuit because they make conscious efforts to drag your achievements through the mud for them to rise.

It would be best if you were wary because they don’t come up expressly as enemies; instead, these people are your friends. Spotting these jealous friends and trying to cope with them is a daunting task. In this article, I am going to share some signs that someone is envious of you.

#1 – Making Your Achievement Look Trivial

Sometimes it takes you an enormous input of effort time and other resources to achieve something, but someone tries to trivialize the achievement. Probably a friend who even knows you went through thick and thin to achieve the goal. It is a perfect indicator that the person is not happy about your achievements. When you notice such friends, you have to learn to stay reserved when you are around them. Try as much as you can not to share your plans or goals with them because they can go to any extent to see that you don’t achieve them but even make it look not good enough.

#2 – They Are Copying You

When someone tries to copy your ideas not just little thoughts but your career ideas and other vital things that you are using. Beware because the person might be the course of taking what would have given you the sense to draw it to himself. When you notice someone trying to plagiarize your ideas, you can go and patent. The next time makes sure you hide vital information from such a person.

#3 – Fake Flattery

When someone is jealous of you, false flattery always comes from them. They might tend to praise you even beyond what you know your worth. Some people do that to motivate others, but on the other hand, people who are jealous of you see sweet things right before you but when you go out of the room mockery follows. Always try to follow your instincts to pick up such people you can always ask friends what such people say about you behind your back.

#4 – They Magnify A Mistake and Gloat About It

Even when you make a tiny mistake or face a small loss someone jealous will hastily come to remind you of their warnings against what brought about the error. If you observe well the little feeler you face makes them feel happy and satisfied. To effectively deal with this you shouldn’t allow the blame game to affect you provided you get back on track keep moving and you must get to your destination.

#5 – They Leave You When You Achieve Your Goals

Many people have successfully driven, and they come close to you when you are failing or when you are in turmoil. The funny thing about people who are jealous of you is that they come close to you when you are failing. Such people do so not to encourage you, but instead, it makes them feel better seeing that you’re not making any progress. When you start making progress, they disappear into thin air because your success causes them a significant upset.

#6 – They Overemphasize Their Achievement

Remember the point about jealous people making achievements of trivial they’re very good at blowing the results of even when it’s not much. Doing this is just trying to make you feel that they’re better, but since you have proper self-awareness, you can listen to their false stories and move on with your life since you know your worth.

#7 – They Try to Compete with You

The sky is big enough to accommodate everyone who can fly. People who are jealous of you tend to make everything about you, and they look like a competition. When you succeed, they think you’re occupying their spot. They try to outrun you even with toxic means, including picking out the little flaws you have trying to use them against you.

#8 – They Feel Bad When You Plan Without Them

You might wonder why these jealous people feel bad when you exclude them from your plans. It’s not because they want to be part of your success but because they have something fantastic to offer. Instead, they want to sow tar amid your seed so that you won’t sow high.

#9 – They Always Talk Behind Your Back

When someone is jealous of you, such a person is swift to tell lies and spread rumours about you. In any case, something that about a false witness is that he can’t stay hidden. It moves so quickly and comes to you when you notice someone is spreading rumours about you. Avoid such a prison because when people see you with that person, they believe the lies because you are always together.

#10 – They Feel Happy When You Fail

Trying to achieve something and then you stumble underway, this is a scenario they are always ready to see. When you fail, you notice they feel comfortable and not concerned talking about what happened to you.

#11 – They Always Mock You

Perhaps you have a weakness or some sort, someone who is jealous of you always finds a way to remind you of your shortcomings. They do so to make you feel bad about the situation. Believe me, once it’s something you have no control over, continue doing your thing and watch them swim in the endless rule of jealousy.

#12 – They Talk Down to You

Trying to believe you can make it, you can crack the head nut and overcome any challenge, but then this person shows up to tell you how weak and unqualified you are. Jealousy has taken part of the person, and you must snub the side talk and go all out for what you believe.

Well, those are 12 signs that someone is envious or jealous of you. So what’s your opinion about this? I hope you enjoyed reading this cool article? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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