Wide Virgina: Do this to make it tight like a virgin

Natural remedy to wide virginal

Lauren Streicher , M.D., an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. However, she says, some women have a wider (or more narrow) vagina than others, which is totally normal. “Body parts are different sizes in different people,” Streicher says. “Someone who has had vaginal births before is going to be different from an 18-year-old virgin.”The average diameter of the vagina is between two and 3.5 centimeters, says women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., so anything larger than that could technically be a “wide-set vagina” in Mean Girls -speak. This make your man to enjoy sex less or cheat and avoid you, wide virgianal can be natural or due to birth, but the good news is there is a natural sure way to make ur virganal tight like that of Virgin or 18 years old after birth, to achieve this simply follow the step bellow.

1. Get 3 cups of fresh granut.

2. Wash it to remove sand and dirt .

3. Sundry it for two days.

4. Sock it inside water till the next day and drink it first thing in the morning, add more water for the next day and continue the process till after five days . don’t go beyond 5 days onless you want him to break your Virginity again.

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