Steps to make your male organ very long and hard for your woman to enjoy

Opinion: Follow These Steps If You Want A very “Hard and Long Cucumber”

Everybody loves cucumber, most wowen loves guys with very strong and long cucumber a cucumber that can last very long.

To have a very strong and long cucumber, simply follow the following steps;

1. Using Garlic

Garlic is like an onion, taking garlic regularly will increase your blood flow, which is very essential to having a very strong and long cucumber, garlic can be used in the following ways;

• Soaking Garlic: you can use garlic by socking it in water in the night, soak garlic at night inside a glass of water, take the water with the garlic inside every morning. Don’t try using garlic at all if you are an ulcer patient.

• Eating Garlic: you can eat garlic raw, it is even more effective than soaking it, the only disadvantage is that the garlic’s odour will last in your mouth.

• Garlic and Honey: This is the most effective way of using garlic, you can soak garlic directly with honey and water, or you can soak it with water alone, then add honey before taking it.

• Garlic and Ginger: This is also very effective, soak garlic and ginger inside a glass of water at night, and take it in the every morning.

• Garlic, Ginger and Honey: This is the best way to have a very hard, strong and long cucumber, soak garlic and ginger inside water and honey at night and take it every morning.

Continue using any of these steps till you are satisfied with your cucumber.

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