Npower: Volunteers planning to go on peaceful protest

We bring the greetings of fraternity, felicitations and of goodwill to everyone of you, happy new month dogged Comrades.

This is the fifth month since our deceitful Nigerian government promised us exit package through their manipulated Nexit portal, we have never seen an online registration portal taking more than one month in Nigeria even when more than 5,000,000 Nigerians are expected to log in the website. But look at a well manipulated Nexit portal taking more than four months for registration of 500,000 beneficiaries.

7 days from now we will all march down the streets of Nigeria, from the North to South and East to West nobody should be left behind. 8th March, 2021 is our kick off date for the 10,000,000 man Nationwide ceaseless protest.

We want to cease this opportunity to counter any disclaimers right, nobody has the right whatsoever to cancel this peaceful nationwide rally until our demands are met we will occupy Nigerian streets and remain on the streets, our demands are:

  1. Confirm those you selected for a job with appointment letters.
  2. Disburse funds to those you selected for loans.

This 10,000,000 man Nationwide ceaseless protest is organized and strategize by the entire exited Batches A&B beneficiaries and all their friends and well wishers including the prospectus batch C who have been equally thrown into a state of confusion.

It is only a callous set of leaders like the blood sucking demons of APC Buhari led administration that will continue deceiving the youths of it Nation leaving them in perpetual hardship while himself and his clueless fellows are busy swimming in the Nation’s wealth, looting and leaving the Nation in dept with the highest degree of insecurity in the land.

Npower Youths Congress hereby call on Nigerian youths to come out enmass to support their brothers and sister secure a better future for a better and safer Nigeria, an injury to one is an injury to all.

All the states should coordinate themselves as adult that we are, don’t wait for anybody to come and lead you, we are all leaders, organize and lead yourselves in all the 36 states of the federation while some beneficiaries in Abuja proximity states should join us in Abuja as we occupy the Presidential villa come 8th March, 2021.

Come with your Nose mask, Npower crested vest or any white and green t-shirt/polo. Do not forget to come with your placards.

Join the organizers


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