See some of 7 taboos in Igbo land

Whenever you are visiting a tribe that you have never visited before, always make sure you study their tradition, culture and Norms. This would help you to avoid defying the tradition and culture by committing taboo. Here are some taboos in Igbo land that everyone should avoid.

1. Before you get married to a woman, you must make sure that the person is not an Osu. It is a taboo to get married to an Osu.

2. Do not internationally push down an elder during an altercation or argument. This is a serious taboo in Igbo Land, if the man has Ozo Title, you could be asked to bring a cow or big goat.

3. Women are not allowed to break kolanuts in a gathering. Even if is a woman’s gathering, it is a taboo for any woman to break the kolanut.

4. Women are not allowed to climb palm trees. This is a serious taboo in Igbo land, you could be fined or asked to perform certain rites to avoid the implications.

5. If you are a woman, never you enter inside a masquerade. This is a taboo in Igbo land and you must respect the tradition. Masquerades are seen as spirits in Igbo culture and women are forbidden from wearing it.

6. It is a taboo to kill Python in some parts of the Igbo land. Anyone who is guilty of such crime would be forced to bury the python the same way a human being is being buried.

7. You are not allowed to take your own life. This is a great taboo in Igbo land, they believe this implications can affect your blood line or generations. In some cases, the family of the deceased perform sacrifice to avert the bad omen.

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