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Are you tired of being broke? If you want to be financially independent, then this article is for you.

These are the 16 businesses that are capable of giving you N100,000 monthly:

1. Print

Keeping things like brochures, posters, newspapers and advertising magazines in a printing house where they can be produced is a good way to make money in Nigeria. If you have the capital to get started, it’s one of the surest ways to get rich quick.

2. Fitness instructor

Many people show millions of ways to get the ‘perfect’ body. You can set up your own gym or train people as a fitness instructor at a nearby stadium, or you can start enjoying gym advertising.

3. Mechanics

Your experience in mechanics can make a lot of money, or you can spend your money on repairing cars, generators, AC, TVs and other vehicles in the east. You can find a store where you can start working from home or earn money.

4. Painting and interior design

You can make a lot of money by painting houses and thinking about interior design. It’s easy to get started, but it’s best to learn if you want to be a professional.

5. Spa

Build your own bathroom where you can earn treatments such as manicures, pedicures, facials, skin treatments and make money from them. It is a business idea that has not yet been explored in Nigeria. This company can make you fast in Nigeria as well.

6. Internet hosting services

This is another great way to make money in Nigeria. You can advertise your web hosting plans to bloggers for webmasters. just sit back and the automated system does all the work; You make money just by posting other people’s blogs and websites. is a great personal income thought for Nigerian businessmen.

7. Disk Discussion Services

Playing at an event like a birthday party and other ceremonies is a great way to make money in Nigeria. This business idea was created because you always think about it when you have the skills.

8. Music teacher

Parents have a lot of money to teach music lessons for children and even online. If you have experience with a musical instrument such as percussion, piano, flute, xylophone, violin or even guitar, you can learn the future by learning the skills and earn money with them.

9. Rental services

Renting regular items such as gas stoves, speakers, dishes and other equipment needed for celebrations and celebrations is a lucrative stream that can make a lot of money, especially in Lagos.

10. Aquaculture

You should also consider growing fish as a side effect or a means of gain. Raising fish and other aquatic life in the water to make money is another job for Nigerians. I seriously appeal in this regard.

11. Ceramics

Selling pottery that makes ceramics, porcelain, cups, ornaments and other clay products is another great business idea for women specializing in Lagos. Most of these products are sold faster in urban centers and mean a big profit.

12. Sale of sugar products and furniture

What is a cane product? Ce’s products are reed wooden furniture or works of art. Tables, chairs, ornaments and other reed items are also very expensive in the market due to the elegant design of advertisements.

13. Modeling

Modeling is another great business idea for our Nigerian graduates. If you have a beautiful sensitivity and elegant facial expression, you can start our gallery of social media advertising;

14. Data analysis

Analysis of population data on health, food, and policy has been in great demand for five decades. It is also very useful to gather information and sell people who need information, such as politicians, health workers and multinational organizations.

15. Artist

Selling works of art is another good way to make money in Nigeria. This work is necessary for entertainment such as home decorations, hotels and even recreation centers. If you are blessed with this gift and start earning money, you should try to make works of art.

16. Bread oven

You can start earning money by baking your own bread by earning products such as bread, donuts, cakes, sweets, cookies, wedding potatoes, festivities, special occasions and so on.

17. Stock trading

Buying and selling shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is another way to make money in Nigeria. This company has already made millions of rich ads better than the comfort of your home. You can also sell shares on the Chinese stock exchange, US stocks and other exchanges.

These 17 business ideas can work for anyone in Nigeria. You can start today. One of the biggest questions entrepreneurs ask before investing in any business is “how much capital do you need?”

If you have the answer to this question and calculate the risks correctly, you are closer than you think financially. Which 17 business ideas do you like the most? Please let us know in the comments section and share this article too with your friends and family if you like it.

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