Ways of solving money problem

Does Money Make You Rich?

The answer is No. Money alone does not make you rich. We all know people who go to work every day, working for money, making more money, but fail to become richer. Ironically, many only grow deeper in debt with each money they earn.

In other words, it is not real estate, stocks, mutual funds, businesses, or money that makes a person rich. It is information, knowledge, wisdom, and know-how, a.k.a. financial intelligence, that makes one wealthy.

The money problems of the poor are:

1. Not having enough money.

2. Using credit to supplement money shortages.

3. The rising cost of living.

4. Paying more in taxes the more they make.

5. Fear of emergencies.

6. Bad financial advice.

7. Not enough retirement money.

The money problems of the rich are:

1. Having too much money.

2. Needing to keep it safe and invested.

3. Not knowing whether people like them, or their money.

4. Needing smarter financial advisors.

5. Raising spoiled kids.

6. Estate and inheritance planning.

7. Excessive government taxes.

Hard work doesn’t solve money problems.

The world is filled with hardworking people who have no money to show for it, hardworking people who earn money, yet grow deeper in debt, needing to work even harder for even more money.

Education does not solve money problems.

The world is filled with highly educated poor people. They’re called socialists.

A job does not solve money problems.

For many people, the letters J.O.B. stand for just over broke. There are millions who earn just enough to survive but cannot afford to live. Many people with jobs cannot afford their own home, adequate health care, education, or even set aside enough money for retirement.

Then What Solve Money Problem?

Financial intelligence solves money problems.

In simple terms, financial intelligence is that part of our total intelligence we use to solve financial problems.

Some examples of very common money problems are:

1. “I don’t earn enough money.”

2. “I’m deeply in debt.”

3. “I can’t afford to buy a home.”

4. “My car is broken. How do I find the money to fix it?”

5. “I have $10,000. What should I invest in?”

6. “My child wants to go to college, but we don’t have the money.”

7. “I don’t have enough money for retirement.

8. “I don’t like my job, but I can’t afford to quit.”

9. “I’m retired, and I’m running out of money.”

10. “I can’t afford the surgery.”

Financial intelligence solves these and other money problems.

Unfortunately, if our financial intelligence is not developed enough to solve our problems, the problems persist. They don’t go away. Many times they get worse, causing even more money problems.

If you want to increase your financial intelligence, you need to be a problem-solver.

If you don’t solve your money problems you will never be rich.

In fact, you will become poorer the longer the problem persists.

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