Some crypto currencies that will give you profit

first of all lets look at the story of bitcoin, 2009 some group of people or an individual, the mystery of the real creators of bitcoin still remains hidden, but judging from what we know, a man called satoshi nakomoto, invented the idea of a world of decentralised system of finance, and that concept, and idea as we know today, is revolutionalizing the world today, most especially the financial aspect.

after the first trial coin, which we all know as bitcoin today, many other projects has been launched to fill in the lapses where the almighty of all crypto is missing out.

from the success launch of bitcoin, many other company, and individuals started creating other concept, on how crypto currency can be of more benefits to the world.

the concept of smart contract was later introduced, and once and again we all have seen how it has also caused a very noticeable change, on how we all interact with many things online today.

coming back to the main purpose of this article, crypto currency today is mostly recognised all over the world, even giant financial institutions like paypal, has already ingrated in their payment system,, the use of crypto currency, even many world renown financial institutions, has already begun adopting the concept of crypto currency, and has we all know for most of us, which already know more about crypto, you can all see for yourselves.

am gonna be listing some few coins/token that you can actually invest in the long run,and make back a very handsome profit.


Dogecoin was created in the similitude of bitcoin, but just as a joke.

recently dogecoin has been making a lot of waves in the crypto market, as of 21/01/2021, dogecoin was trading at 0.0075$ and in less that a week it went to 0.07$ before coming back to a steady zone of 0.05$ as at the time of writing this article.

2: UNI.

uni is the native token of uniswap dex platform, where you can swap any ERC20 token.

uniswap token as of last month was trading at 6$, and in the space of one month as at the time of writing this article uni is trading at 14.6$.

3: BNB.

bnb is the native token of binance exchange as at the time of writing this article bnb is trading at 42.4$ on binance exchange,and this token is full of potential of rising higher in the near future.

like we all know for must of us that are already into the crypto space, if am to continue the list will still go on.

there are many more coins/token that are making serious waves out there, but this are the ones, that have personally done my research on.

to know more about these coins/token, i will advice you to do your personal research, to know which one is more suitable for your investment strategy.


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