Want a desirable life? See these 7 keys

There are many situations that happens to us in life that we should have treated with understanding. When not treated well, it might lead to conflicts and regrets at last. Life is defined by principles we are to follow to make it to the top. If these principles are ignored, then we might later have to pay for what we did. 

What you need to maintain a balance in life include;

1. Be Kind and Generous: Being kind is a very important attribute to mankind. When ever you see someone in an Unhealthy state and you have the strength to help him/her in such situation, don’t hesitate or refuse to give a helping hand to such a person. Learn to smile and put smile in the face to people as well. By doing this, you’re building a desirable life and future for yourself and others.

2. Be Humble: Being humble attracts favour to you where ever you find yourself. I’m not referring to being timid or having an unhealthy self esteem. Humility comes with brokenness, submissiveness and it is a desirable attribute. It breaks the hardest of stone heart. It’s a way to a man’s heart. A submissive lady commands love and respect from her husband with her attitude. Life is just based on principle while those that understand the basic principles of life are known to be principalities. When you obey this principle of humility you’ll definitely be favoured.

3. Empathy: Never do to others what you dont want them to do to you. Put yourself in people’s shoes. Never find it easy to mock someone or blame someone without putting yourself in their shoe first. Never forget that whatever goes around will definitely come around. Never hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t want that in return. Never make a promise you can not fulfil. Be considerate and you will definitely see situations working for your good.

4. Be Moderate: Don’t be too fast to respond to people concerning a situation, reason quite well before giving an answer. Be mindful of your words or statement because it goes a long way to make or mar your personality. Eat and drink in moderation. Be faithful to your spouse, manage whatever you have while you anticipate for more to come. Know that whoever fails to plan, plans to fail as well. Never lavish any resources kept under your care, eat with moderation. Don’t wear your future house as a weevon today, manage whatever you have in order to store for the rainy days. A word is said to be enough for the wise. 

5. Have Self Control: A man without self control is like a body without head. Self control is very much important in making life a desirable place for you and me. Self control comes with contentment and moderation. Many people today have Anger issues which have jeopardized their relationships. They later regret that they should have controlled their anger. Some people are addicted to hard drugs and can’t do a day without feasting on hard drugs. Some are infidels as they remain unfaithful to their wive or husband anymore. What a Life. Some husbands or wife sleeping with their housemaid or inlaws, parent with their children, children with their cousins. Emotional violence is on the increase as nothing under the sun seems to be new anymore. 

A word states that “Charity begins at Home”. Self control is a personal habit that needs to be practically examined and work on.

6. Your Attitude when Money, Power and Fame comes: You can never know a Man until he gets rich or wealthy. Character is a flame that can never be hidden. A violent man that claims to be simple only needs money, power and position to amplify his true nature. Some people today are poor because nature knows they will become violent once they gets rich. Many in high positions today sees others as nothing. Some has even become a god or goddess in their circle of life. They don’t welcome people’s opinions anymore as they feels theirs is superior to others. 

It is advisable to on your character before attaining the greatness you desire in Life. No position or condition in Life is permanent. Those you fail to help today mighty be your helper tomorrow. So be good.

7. Never take Time for granted: Wake up to your life tasks. Don’t be lazy. Never blame your past on anyone before you’re responsible and accountable for your life. When given at appointment at 12noon, make sure you get to the venue before 12noon. Avoid being accused at all sort. Be responsible, resourceful and diligent in whatever you do. Be enterprising and build cordial relationship with people and your business partners. Never look down on a job offer if you’re newly getting to start up. Explore more options while you put in your best at your current place of assignment. Never quit a job until you’re certified to start up in your new place of work. So, be vigilant, reserved and time cautious.

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