These are 5 ways to avoid immorality

Being ensnared in immorality sin is no small thing. God commands and demands that there shouldn’t even be a hint of immorality among us as his saved people (Ephesians 5:3).

To many, this feels completely impossible most of the time. Our world and culture belittle the significance value of intimacy in marriage but God still uphold it.

The price of continuing in immorality when we know better can require more than we ever thought (STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, spiritual attack etc).

How can we protect ourselves from temptation? Here are some tips:

1. We must guard our eyes:

Looking at some who you are attracted to isn’t a sin but continuous gaze to satisfy your lustful desires isn’t good.

We must recognize the power and impact of images and videos we view. The eyes are a doorway to the mind and whatever one’s mind continually thinks on, a person will eventually do.

2. Don’t put yourself in situations where you will be easily tempted. Do not be excessively alone. Don’t wear clothes that can make another person start desiring you.

Be careful what you wear. Modesty is good for you and good for others too.

3. Don’t awake desire:

If you really want to abstain from immorality, avoid unnecessary stimulation. Don’t be too overconfident or think you can get hold of your self.

4. Beware of assuming past successes guarantee future purity.

5. Be aware of our vulnerabilities:

If we continue finding ourselves in immorality, there is typically a trigger. It could be longing to be alone, emotional connection, just a little kiss etc. Being aware of all this help us know steps to take and stop it.

What other tips do you think isn’t there?

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