Longertivity: Habits exhibited by world’s oldest people

The world is a strange but interesting place to be in. People, places, events will make you feel surprised especially if it’s something unusual.

It’s not everyday you hear of people living past the age of 100. It happens, but I dare say it’s rare.

From a study by ranker.com, they were able to get the habits of those people who were at one point or the other, the world’s oldest living people before they passed on.

If you’ve been wondering why these people lived as long as they did, especially in this present age where the life expectancy of humans have significantly dropped, sit back and relax, as you’re about to read something quite surprising.

Surprising in the sense that, no, majority of them did not live the “clean” or “healthy” way as you might have assumed before, but rather, they had one or two outstanding habits that gave them the conviction that they were living just fine.

1. Alida Victoria Grubba Rudge:

She lived up to 113 years of age before her passing. As normal with studies on supercentenarians, she revealed that the secret of her longevity is keeping her mind sharp. She played cards and other mind games to always keep her on her toes.She also visited the doctor regularly, had a healthy diet, avoided fried foods, sweets, and even drank a glass of dry wine before meals.

2. Emiliano Mercado del Toro:

He was at a point, the world’s oldest person, world’s oldest man and also the world’s oldest living military veteran in the US.He credited his longevity to a good sense of humour, his love for women and lastly, funche, a Puerto Rican dish made with cornmeal and codfish. He also never married in his life. He died at the age of 115.

3. Susannah Mushatt Jones:

For a bacon aficionado like her, people might not have expected her to live as long as she did.She attributed her longevity to staying single most of her life, and staying away from smoking and alcohol in her younger years. She died at the age of 116.

4. Emma Morano:

She was born in 1899, which made her the very last verifiable living person born in the 19th century. However, she passed away in April 2017, at the age of 117. According to her, the secret of her longevity was purely genetics, and her diet, 3 eggs a day, which she adopted after being diagnosed with anemia during WWII.She also ended an abusive relationship in 1938, stating that she didn’t want to be dominated by anyone till she died.

5. Jeanne Calment:

She is the longest confirmed human lifespan on record, passing away at the age of 122. She ascribed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance to the fact that she had no underlying health issue, ate a diet rich in olive oil, which she used on her skin too.She also drank port wine everyday, ate nearly one kilogram of chocolate every week, smoked cigarettes from the age of 21-119, rode her bicycle until she clocked 100.

What do you think? Are these the reasons why these people lived as long as they did, or is it just grace? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments, share this article with others that might like to see this, and follow me for more articles like this. Thanks for reading.

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