United Kingdom does these 10 things better than the United States

Hello readers, welcome to my page. Few days ago I wrote about the difference between United Kingdom, Great Britain and England with detailed explanations. You can check my profile to see that. But today we’re going to look at the 10 things UK have or does better than the United States.

It’s impossible to say which country is the best in the world. However a case can be made for some countries just being better than others, at least in specific Fields. These are 10 things the United Kingdom just does better than the United States. 


Many Americans often mock British people for still a mutant Queen. They often say get with the times you’re not free if you have a monarch, your tax money is just being wasted. Majority of us here often believe that UK impose hefty tax on it’s citizens than any other countries in the world. The truth is that US taxpayers have to pay more for their leaders. In 2014 the British royal family cost UK taxpayers just £35.7M, while President Obama and his family only, cost US taxpayers $1.4B in expenses that same year. So when it comes to cost effective leadership, the Queen of England ironically is less expensive than the president of the United States. 


The studies are in and the verdict is clear. Roundabouts are not only more efficient than US Style traffic intersections, they’re also safer. Myth busters even tested this Theory and they clearly demonstrated that roundabouts allow for 20% more cars to pass through, in any period of time and what is possible and intersection.

Another Advantage is that in a roundabout, drivers don’t have to bring their vehicles to a complete stop. This has been shown to be safer for both drivers and pedestrians. So all in all in this area the UK have the US beat when it comes to Traffic Control. 


The average intelligence of each country in the world is something that has been rigorously studied over the past few decades. Well, the results are in and quite embarrassingly people in the UK are smarter than people in the United States. The average IQ of the United Kingdom stands at 100 while the United States fall short with an average IQ score of 98.

This may not seem like a lot, but those two crucial are enough to make the United States fall below the mean European IQ, which is 100. Many people argue about the cause of this where there’d be better schooling or higher standards of living but the facts don’t lie when it comes to IQ the UK is superior to the US. 


Now that you know the differences in average IQ between the U.S. And the United Kingdom, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise when you learned the UK actually contributes more to Science than the United States. At least on a per capital basis, which is the metric that divides the number of scientific papers published by country scientists, and divides that number by the country’s population.

This results in a number that gives you a good idea of how scientifically productive a country is, on average well in this category the United Kingdom have the United States outclassed. UK Publishes 1.42 for scientific papers for every one thousand citizens while the United States only produces 0.98 scientific papers per every one thousand citizens. This gap in contributions in the world scientific community Is a point of Pride for people living in the United Kingdom and this is certainly an area where the United States should try to catch up. 


United Kingdom possesses the most productive offshore wind farm in the entire world. This world class installation is the greater Gabbard Wind Farm, which produces over 1.75 terawatt hours of clean and renewable energy every year.

United States and indeed the rest of the world has nothing that can compete with this installation, that the United States doesn’t even have a position in the top 25 most productive offshore wind farm, while the United Kingdom holds the top first, second and third spots with Denmark being its closest competitor. The UK superiority doesn’t just end there. However, the United Kingdom is the largest exporter of offshore generated wind power which means that not only is the UK producing the most offshore wind energy. It’s also creating enough to supply other countries. 


Just as with wind power and scientific papers, the United Kingdom is better when it comes to producing authors and great works of literature. UK tops the charts of Publications per capital with only China and the United States beating out the country and absolute terms.

Despite the UK’s much smaller populations overall the UK produces 2875 titles each year for every 1 million inhabitants of the country, while the United States only produces 956 titles for every 1 million inhabitants. This is an even more impressive feat when you learn that the UK has only one-fifth of the population of the United States. So when it comes to books u.s. Is still quite a few chapters behind the UK. 


Well it is true that Hollywood is the film capital of the world and as a result produces more films per year. This doesn’t compare to one of the UK’s greatest film achievements, the most successful film franchises of all time is a British film franchise “the James Bond series”. The James Bond series was the first to gross over 1 billion dollars of sales and is still the highest grossing film franchise. It seems that people still prefer the cool swap Charisma evasion 007 to the loud action and violence of most American films. 


If you’re a fan of watching YouTube videos, this is probably the most important category where the UK is better than the u.s. Despite having invented the Internet, the UK has the U.S. Outclassed when it comes to average internet speeds. In 2015 the average connection speed in the UK was 13MB/S while the US only had an average of 12.6MB/S.


Of the 118 known elements on the periodic table, 24 were discovered by British scientists. This is more than any other country and further reinforces the case of British superiority in the science is over the United States.

This number includes crucial elements such as Hydrogen, Sodium, Xenon and Platinum. US however wasn’t totally outclassed by the UK as the country did discover 21 Elements on the periodic table, and as a result, US are very respectable second place. 


This is probably the greatest sign of the UK’s importance and massive impact on the shape and history of the globe, as a legacy of the once Great British Empire, countless Flags around the globe still bear the Union Jack. From Australia to New Zealand and even Fiji. Over 20 major flags around the world contain the Union Jack in one form or another.

Perhaps the most interesting and most humorous, is that the number includes the US state of Hawaii which prominently in proudly displays the Union Jack. The very first flag of the young United States the Grand Union Flag even contained Union Jack as well. Well countries such as Liberian, Malaysia have similar flags of the US flag.

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